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SCAMPIStandard CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Assessment Method for Process Improvement
SCAMPIStandard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement
SCAMPIStaff College Automated Military Periodicals Index (Joint Forces Staff College)
SCAMPIScaleable Monitoring Platform for the Internet
SCAMPIScalable Measurement Platform for the Internet
SCAMPIScali's Message Passing Interface (Scali, Inc.)
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Daniel Whittle, Managing Director of Kilkeel Seafoods said: "The decision to expand scampi shelling and processing operations in Kilkeel is the outcome of a strategic decision by the group to concentrate resources on supplying existing and potential customers, both retail and foodservice, with scampi sourced from UK and Irish trawlers and processed within our operations, especially here at Kilkeel.
"Whole-tail scampi in breadcrumbs - sustainably sourced, of course ...
The company specialises in fresh and frozen langoustine, as well as scampi, and supplies both the UK and export markets.
Experts warn the lack of supply is likely to push up prices - and force already-struggling pubs to stop serving scampi and chips.
The scampi was tender and juicy and the breadcrumbs were crispy.
THE BILL 2x children's spaghetti @ pounds 3.95 - pounds 7.90; 1x child's scampi - pounds 3.95; 1x cod and chips - pounds 7.50; 1 cheese bake - pounds 6.95; 3x ice cream @ pounds 1.50 - pounds 4.50; 1x crumble - pounds 3.95; 1pt Hancocks - pounds 2.60; 1x 250ml chardonnay - pounds 3; 2x J20 - pounds 2.40.
But the scampi on the menu at Bridge Street Bistro gave me pause.
Coat four remaining scampi with breadcrumb mixture.
But I'm eating my way through a factory full of Scampi Fries," he added.
Lunch & Dinner only Entries include shrimp scampi, spaghetti & meatballs, chicken Parmesan, chicken marsala, grouper, burgers, steak burgers, Philly steaks, chicken Philly and more.
On the one hand, Greenpeace is praising supermarkets for their efforts to address destructive fishing (Worldwatch, January 2007), but on the other, they're still selling prepared fish products such as langoustines that have been shipped from Annan in Dumfires to Thailand to be hand shelled, only to be returned to be bread-crumbed in the UK for sale as frozen scampi. That's about 10,000 kilometres worth of travel for a food that's best enjoyed while camping on the machair on the Isle of Mull--particularly caught and delivered by a local fisherman with only a couple of food miles under his belt.