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SCANScottish Archive Network
SCANStop Child Abuse Now
SCANSuspected Child Abuse and Neglect
SCANShared Check Authorization Network
SCANScientific Committee on Animal Nutrition
SCANSelected Current Aerospace Notices
SCANStates of California and Nevada
SCANSchedule for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry
SCANSwitched Circuit Automatic Network
SCANSystem for Convection Analysis and Nowcasting (US NWS)
SCANShipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (USPS)
SCANSecure Cops Alert Network
SCANSilica-Coated Aluminum Nitride
SCANSupplier Corrective Action Notice
SCANSimulated Comprehensive Air Navigation
SCANSelf-Correcting Automatic Navigation
SCANSomerville-Cambridge Aging Network (Massachusetts)
SCANStreamlined Senior Correlation Analyst
SCANSmall Customer Access Node
SCANSpecial Customer Agreement Number
SCANSecure Communications in ATM Network
SCANSouthwest Community Action Network (Berea, Ohio)
SCANScientific Computing Arithmetic and Validated Numerics (IEEE conference)
SCANSpeciality Center Acquisitions, NAVFAC
SCANSurvey, Consider, Analyze, Notify (ExxonMobile hazard recognition)
SCANSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (journal; Oxford)
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Nor does it justify the extra time it takes to scan and save the image.
If you detect problems on the scan, you can record the fact that these problems developed in the hospital, or in the resident's home before admission to the nursing home, and you can take action before it becomes a big problem.
Third, when a screening scan finds an abnormality, doctors may feel obligated to treat it, even if doing so isn't likely to increase the person's life expectancy or comfort, notes radiologist Leonard Berlin of Rush North Shore Medical Center in Skokie, Ill.
Then, before you run anything you've downloaded, tell the scanning program to scan just that directory for viruses.
Without automated vulnerability detection, most organizations are able to scan their systems two to four times a year, but the information is out of date usually within 24 hours.
Scan larger than normal documents, such as 12"x12" scrapbook pages
Kofax (LSE:DCM), the world's largest information capture vendor, today announced the purchase of its new Document Scan Server by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), one of the nation's leading youth organizations, to help streamline and standardize its application processing.
Users can scan up to 12 frames of 35mm film, four mounted slides, or even medium format negatives.
The Kofax(R) Document Scan Server(TM) is a hardware/software solution that enables companies to add scanning capabilities to any enterprise business application without the need for additional software or disruption of their current business process.