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SCARScientific Committee On Antarctic Research
SCARUniversity of South Carolina
SCARSquadra Corse Alfa Romeo (game)
SCARSecond Chance Animal Rescue (White Bear Lake, MN)
SCARSPIE (Source Path Isolation Engine) Collection and Reduction Agent
SCARSevere Cutaneous Adverse Reaction
SCARSports Car
SCARSuper Car
SCARSociety for Computer Applications in Radiology
SCARSequence-Characterized Amplified Region
SCARStrike Coordination and Reconnaissance (US DoD doctrine for joint fire support)
SCARSmall Claims Assessment Review
SCARSupplier Corrective Action Request (Lucas Aerospace)
SCARSouth Carolina Association of REALTORS
SCARStanding Committee on Agricultural Research
SCARSpecial Forces Combat Assault Rifle
SCARSpace Coast Association of Realtors
SCARSuper Cool Assault Rifle (gaming)
SCARSecurity Control Assessor Representative (cybersecurity)
SCARSuppressor of Camp Receptor
SCARSouth Coast Against Roadbuilding (UK)
SCARSuspected Child Abuse Report
SCARSemantic Content Acquisition and Representation (workshop)
SCARStrike Control And Reconnaissance
SCARScientific Commission on Antarctic Research (UK)
SCARSupersonic Cruise Aircraft Research
SCARSaskatchewan Coalition against Racism (Canada)
SCARStrathclyde Conflict and Resolution
SCARSmoke, Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (experiment)
SCARSecurity Clearance Access Roster
SCARSouthwest Commercial Auto Recovery
SCARSatellite Communications Applications Research (program)
SCARSun Cities Animal Rescue (Glendale, AZ)
SCARSenate Committee on Agenda and Rules
SCARSubcontractor Corrective Action Report
SCARStrike Chart of Autonomic Response
SCARSOF (Special Operation Forces) Combat Assault Rifle (USA/Belgium)
SCARSoftware Configuration Accounting Report
SCARShoot Compared to Auto-Rune
SCARSouthern California Abyssinian Rescue (Whittier, CA)
SCARSupport, Collection, Assessment and Reporting
SCARSouthern California Art Revengers (artists)
SCARSelf Contained Armed Reconnaissance
SCARSubsequent Contract Application Review
SCARSociété de Construction Automobile de Reims (French: Society of Automobile Construction of Reims; Reims, France)
SCARSignal Characterization And Recognition
SCARSuper Cheap Artificial Retina
References in classic literature ?
He has a scar on his forehead, caused by a blow; and one on his back, made by a shot from a pistol.
Has a small scar over her eye, a good many teeth missing, the letter A is branded on her cheek and forehead.
Has a scar on his right hand; his thumb and forefinger being injured by being shot last fall.
The painter hadn't made the scar, but I made it; and there it was, coming and going; now confined to the upper lip as I had seen it at dinner, and now showing the whole extent of the wound inflicted by the hammer, as I had seen it when she was passionate.
As he said this Euryclea left the cloister to fetch some more water, for the first had been all spilt; and when she had washed him and anointed him with oil, Ulysses drew his seat nearer to the fire to warm himself, and hid the scar under his rags.
Then, of a sudden, with a twist and a wrench, the stranger loosed himself, and he of the scar found himself locked in a pair of arms that fairly made his ribs crack.
Then one of the judges, a kinsman to William of the Scar, rose with trembling lip and baleful look.
Accurately," Miss Halcombe continued, "even to the scar on his right hand, which is the scar of a wound that he received years since when he was travelling in Italy.
The scars you asked about, and the missing fingers?
London had her scars, yet there was nothing in the faces of the people to show fear.
It left scars upon his good-looking face, and nearly robbed him of his eyesight.
His face was deeply marked with scars, and although he was very near-sighted, his gray eyes were bright and wild, so wild at times that they frightened those upon whom they were turned.