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SCARFSerum, Cells and Rare Fluids (blood banking rare blood type exchange)
SCARFStatus, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness (social behavior model)
SCARFSystem Control Audit Review File (accounting/auditing)
SCARFSupporting Children and Responding to Families
SCARFStanford Conference and Research Forum (Stanford University; Stanford, CA)
SCARFSupervised Classification Applied to Road Following (robotics)
SCARFStandard Collection Asset Request Format
SCARFSafety Courses for Airport Ramp Functions
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Then he remembered the scarf was not in its usual place.
He was a private named Schwartz, since not unknown in his profession, and what he found was a bald man in uniform, but with his face so bandaged by a kind of mask made of his own military scarf that nothing but open, dead eyes could be seen, glittering stonily in the moonlight.
But then why, when you saw me in your room, at your feet, reminding you that I had rescued your scarf from the sea, why did you answer as though you did not know me and also why did you laugh?
Mattie came forward, unwinding her wraps, the colour of the cherry scarf in her fresh lips and cheeks.
I connected the title by which the boy had addressed the elder brother, with the initial letter embroidered on the scarf, and had no difficulty in arriving at the conclusion that I had seen that nobleman very lately.
She drew her scarf over her shoulders and fitted on her gloves, with her back to the toilet-table.
Emily said: "Rebecca used her scarf to dress up her colour-block outfit.
09km crochet scarf which has since been dismantled and given in charity to the poor and needy.
A scarf is an accessory that every woman should have as it shows off her personality.
It's simple; wrap the scarf around the back of your neck, both ends fall uniformly in front.
Each scarf is the encapsulation of a story that has inspired the designers.