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SCATSSydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
SCATSSummer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students
SCATSSimulation Checkout and Training System
SCATSSuspense Control and Automated Tracking System
SCATSSafety Competency Assessed Training Scheme (UK)
SCATSScotland County Area Transit System
SCATSSequentially Controlled Automatic Transmitter Start
SCATSSquadron Commander's ASW Tactical System
SCATSSuspense, Control, And Tasking System
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On the origin of faeces: morphological versus molecular methods for surveying rare carnivores from their scats. Journal of Zoology, 257(2), 141-143.
We were not able to collect [greater than or equal to] 20 scats in 12 of 14 sample periods.
Many scats were contaminated with items such as live ants, live dung beetles, dead leaves and twigs (sometimes attached to scats when collected from the forest floor).
Food remains in each scat were assessed by absolute (AF = number of occurrences of each food category when present/total number of scats x 100) and relative (RF = number of occurrences of each food category when present/total number of occurrences of all food items x 100) frequencies of occurrence (Hart et al.
Jaguar Scat Analyses--Since a minimum sample size of 40 scats has been shown to adequately characterize jaguar diet (Nunez et al., 2000), we did not consider our jaguar scat sample size (n = 5) as adequate to establish any conclusions.
In this study we analyzed all identifiable prey remains recovered in 291 scat samples to determine if there were differences in River Otter food habits in Lake Ozette as compared to Ozette River, and to determine if River Otters were significant predators of Lake Ozette Sockeye.
Scats were stored in Ziploc bags in the field, subsequently transferred to 5 mL plastic vials and covered with ethanol, and stored in a cool dark basement; duplicates were frozen in Ziploc bags.
Scat samples were collected during summer and winter seasons and hair mounting technique was used to identify different species consumed by P.
We collected 55 wolf scats (47 in 2010 and 8 in 2011), of which 24 were located within the randomly selected grid cells.
Propulsion for the SCAT was provided by the Kohler Company, in the form of an air-cooled, two-cylinder K662 gasoline engine.
Scat Analysis: The scats were placed in warm and dry place in the sun to avoid damage to their contents with fungus and to dry them for further procedure.