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SCENESouthwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment (Arizona State Univeristy)
SCENERural Schools Curriculum Enhancement National Evaluation (UK)
SCENEStudents Creating Exciting New Events (University of Delaware; Newark, DE)
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Here the stage artifice of the situation presented difficulties which Magdalen had not encountered in the first scene -- and here, her total want of experience led her into more than one palpable mistake.
She had read and read the scene again with many painful, many wondering emotions, and looked forward to their representation of it as a circumstance almost too interesting.
Sometimes, in the later period, altogether original and very realistic scenes from actual English life were added, like the very clever but very coarse parody on the Nativity play in the 'Towneley' cycle.
These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving.
He slipped between the set piece and the scene from the ROI DE LAHORE, with Raoul close upon his heels.
One says, "Of the beauty of the scene I can not say enough," and then proceeds to cover up with a woof of glittering sentences a thing which, when stripped for inspection, proves to be only an unobtrusive basin of water, some mountainous desolation, and one tree.
The next was a pretty little scene from the immortal story of "Babes in the Wood.
This introduced the most brilliant, worldly, the most enchantingly gay scene I had ever looked upon.
His quick eye took in the whole scene with a single comprehending glance and stopped upon the figure of a woman standing facing a great lion across the carcass of a horse.
Harrison, "and you shouldn't have laid the scene among rich city people.
Here is a scene in the vaults of the palace,' he began.
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