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SKEDSouthern Kentucky Economic Development Corporation
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Daylight was two days behind his schedule, and falling snow and unpacked trail kept him two days behind all the way to Forty Mile.
Dear Sir,--Your second victim has fallen on schedule time.
He had worked his stony way into Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council's Schedule B, and had taken the bloom off the higher branches of mathematics and physical science, French, German, Latin, and Greek.
If criminals would always schedule their movements like railway trains, it would certainly be more convenient for all of us.
And questions, now," hinted the demon just waking up in his stomach, "somebody may put questions about the schedules.
SOME Members of a Legislature were making schedules of their wealth at the end of the session, when an Honest Miner came along and asked them to divide with him.
We have traced every name in schedules A and B, without meeting with that of Eatanswill; we have minutely examined every corner of the pocket county maps issued for the benefit of society by our distinguished publishers, and the same result has attended our investigation.
However, the Army recognises that mission schedules may not always allow a service to be done on the day it is scheduled.
Filing Schedule M-3 will satisfy tax shelter disclosure requirements for transactions with a significant book-tax difference.
Schedule M-3, "Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for Corporations with Total Assets of $10 Million or More," is filed by affected corporations in order to reconcile financial accounting income to taxable income.
After looking at a variety of different scheduling scenarios, we settled on a schedule that we estimate saved the University over $85,000 in energy costs during the summer alone.
Schedule M-3 is a separate form to be attached to the regular corporate income tax return, Form 1120.