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SCHSemester Credit Hours
SCHSeattle Children's Hospital (Washington)
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SCHStudies in Contemporary History
SCHSwedish Covenant Hospital (Chicago, IL)
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SCHSupply Chain for Health
SCHSpringside Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadephia, PA)
SCHShopping Cart Hero (game)
SCHSchriever (Amtrak station code; Schriever, LA)
SCHSuperintendence of Cultural Heritage (Malta)
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SCHSubconjunctival Hemorrhage (bleeding in the mucous membrane touching the eye)
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SCHSupracervical Hysterectomy
SCHSingapore Conference Hall (Singapore)
SCHSix Continents Hotels, Inc
SCHStatistical Clearing House (Australia)
SCHSuprachoroidal Hemorrhage (bleeding above the choroid; between the retina and white of the eye)
SCHSociety of Christ (religious order)
SCHSubchorionic Hemorrhage
SCHState Clearinghouse Handbook (California)
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SCHSpindle Cell Hemangioendothelioma (pathology)
SCHSingular Cardinals Hypothesis
SCHSpindle Cell Hemangioma
SCHSimulated Congressional Hearing
SCHStandish Community Hospital (Standish, Michigan)
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SCHSub Carrier Horizontal
SCHScholl, Inc.
SCHService Circuit Handler
SCHSecrétaire de Chancellerie (French: Secretary of Chancery)
SCHSingapore Changi Hospital (Singapore)
SCHShelter Complex Headquarters
SCHSRAG (Space Radiation Analysis Group) Console Handbook (US NASA)
SCHSquare Cartridge Heater
SCHSequencer Chassis
SCHShips Characteristics Handbook
SCHSurface Combustor-Heater
SCHSociety for Colonial History
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The first intimation that Wilson had that the schedule was actually to be put into practical operation was when his employer, one Monday evening, requested him to buy a medium-sized bunch of the best red roses and deliver them personally, with a note, to Miss Marguerite Parker at the stage-door of the Duke of Cornwall's Theatre.
In another two weeks it might have been disastrous to the schedule.
He hated to abandon the schedule. To do so meant changing a well-ordered advance into a forlorn hope.
'Touching this little business--don't answer if it's a delicate question, but I should like to know--I suppose you didn't try the schedule. What?
Daylight was two days behind his schedule, and falling snow and unpacked trail kept him two days behind all the way to Forty Mile.
SOME Members of a Legislature were making schedules of their wealth at the end of the session, when an Honest Miner came along and asked them to divide with him.
"And questions, now," hinted the demon just waking up in his stomach, "somebody may put questions about the schedules.--Ladislaw," he continued, aloud, "just hand me the memorandum of the schedules."
* Relation to preliminary schedule. The preliminary schedule of the work prepared by the estimator is the basis for preparing the final schedule.
Most people in our industry think that the reason to schedule production is "to efficiently utilize manufacturing facilities." Others claim that schedules "define the financial conditions under which the business is to operate--how much and when revenue will be generated." Still others say that schedules "define, in sequence, that which the combined efforts of all employees is to achieve." Although these answers are correct on a tactical level and from their particular parochial perspectives, they're incorrect on the more important strategic level.
Employers and insurers have been lobbying for adoption of a fee schedule for years.
"Schedule I drugs have a high potential for abuse and the potential to create severe psychological and/or physical dependence.