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SCHSemester Credit Hours
SCHSeattle Children's Hospital (Washington)
SCHScholar (title)
SCHStudies in Contemporary History
SCHSwedish Covenant Hospital (Chicago, IL)
SCHSt. Clair Hospital (Pennsylvania)
SCHSupply Chain for Health
SCHSpringside Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadephia, PA)
SCHShopping Cart Hero (game)
SCHSchriever (Amtrak station code; Schriever, LA)
SCHSuperintendence of Cultural Heritage (Malta)
SCHSystem Controller Hub (computing)
SCHSantander Central Hispano (bank in Spain)
SCHSaskatoon City Hospital (Canada)
SCHSouthside Community Hospital (Farmville, VA)
SCHShared Channel
SCHShort Transport Channel
SCHSingle Channel
SCHSuppress Caching
SCHSubcarrier Horizontal
SCHSelma Community Hospital (Adventist Health)
SCHSocket Head
SCHStudent Credit Hour (degree criterion)
SCHSpace Center Houston
SCHSynchronization Channel
SCHSeparate Confinement Heterostructure
SCHSubconjunctival Hemorrhage (bleeding in the mucous membrane touching the eye)
SCHSupplemental Channel
SCHSupracervical Hysterectomy
SCHSingapore Conference Hall (Singapore)
SCHSix Continents Hotels, Inc
SCHStatistical Clearing House (Australia)
SCHSuprachoroidal Hemorrhage (bleeding above the choroid; between the retina and white of the eye)
SCHSubchorionic Hemorrhage
SCHSociety of Christ (religious order)
SCHState Clearinghouse Handbook (California)
SCHSupplemental Code Channel
SCHSpindle Cell Hemangioendothelioma (pathology)
SCHSingular Cardinals Hypothesis
SCHSpindle Cell Hemangioma
SCHSimulated Congressional Hearing
SCHStandish Community Hospital (Standish, Michigan)
SCHSisters of Charity, Halifax (religious order)
SCHSub Carrier Horizontal
SCHScholl, Inc.
SCHService Circuit Handler
SCHSecrétaire de Chancellerie (French: Secretary of Chancery)
SCHShelter Complex Headquarters
SCHSingapore Changi Hospital (Singapore)
SCHShips Characteristics Handbook
SCHSquare Cartridge Heater
SCHSequencer Chassis
SCHSRAG (Space Radiation Analysis Group) Console Handbook (US NASA)
SCHSurface Combustor-Heater
SCHSociety for Colonial History
SCHSpencer Chemical Company
SCHSupporting Checkout
SCHSoftware Change History
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This new scheduling system supports flexible, labor demand-based scheduling, as well as the Walmart core hours program, where associates have a core hour schedule and work the same weekly shifts for at least 13 weeks, giving that associate a consistent schedule and the ability to plan their lives around work.
ChiroFusion's online scheduling technology can help practices recruit new patients in an age where over 80 percent of patients use online reviews as a first step in finding a provider.
According to Masternaut Three X, it selected 360 Scheduling's web-based product range after considering various scheduling suppliers.
Scheduling software improved our ability to immediately find qualified nurses for open shifts.
This work practice on its face seemed a practical and reasonable one, but the impact on scheduling of staff was significant.
In today's world, the public will likely be less tolerant of delays in coordinating scheduling of visits to referral physicians' offices.
At first, he'll complete 100%, while scheduling only a small percent of his available manpower.
This comprehensive system includes modules for sales forecasting, rapid order entry with automatic work-order generation, production scheduling with machine optimization, materials requirements planning (MRP), materials purchasing and receiving, inventory management, shipping, invoicing, accounts payable/receivable, general ledger, and shop-floor production monitoring via barcode readers.
Smart scheduling also leads to tangible financial benefits for the institution.
Planning and scheduling simply prioritize and organize work.
Microsoft[R] Business Solutions is offering Preactor[R] 200 Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS)/Finite Production Scheduling product integration with its Microsoft Business Solutions Manufacturing-Great Plains[R] solution.
Yet Al has continued to progress in such areas as representation (natural languages, domain modeling, and knowledge engineering), inference (heuristic reasoning and matching techniques), control (neural networks, search algorithms, and scheduling), and decision support/problem solving (rules-based, constraint-based, and object-oriented).
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