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SCOWLSpell Checking Oriented Word Lists
SCOWLSpell Checker Oriented Word Lists
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It is redeemed from insignificance only by the contraction of her eyebrows into a near-sighted scowl.
Her scowl is due to an underbite and feline dwarfism.
In 2013 Grenade Beverage, owned by father and son Nick and Paul Sandford, struck a $150,000 deal to market iced coffee beverages with the cat's scowl on its packaging.
But while some are fed up with the sulky striker who has had more scowls than goals this season, boss Roberto Mancini is still backing him to be the ace in the pack.
It is a good job that I am not home this week, otherwise I would have had to endure the knowing looks from my daughter, and the 'I told you so' look which she has perfected even more than the scowl.
Posing for paps, you could hardly see Liam's obligatory scowl under a hair-don't - which looked like a bobbed wig he had borrowed from a maiden aunt.
Jolie, who had been all smiles before the announcement, was spotted on camera twice sporting a severe scowl.
I wonder how brave Mr Mahmood would be were either Mr Hayden or Mr Symonds to invite him to come and repeat his 'brave' scowl behind the pavilion after stumps.
Ems slouchy way and disaffected scowl are set to become our modern equivalent of Elvis's hip tic.
Allan greeted everyone he met with a scowl, trudged around camp frowning and sulking, and insulted the other campers on a regular basis.
And even successful moments tend to be 'celebrated' with a scowl rather than a smile.
2 and then top up by buying Kenny Dalglish scowl minutes during his post-match interview.