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SCRAGSenior Representative of the Attorney General
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Out of 65 males, 5 (7.7%) were positive for SCRAG and 2 (5.7%) were positive among 35 female patients.
Thin sections of bedrock samples taken from random locations in the Scrag Lake pluton outside of the North structure consist of medium- to coarse-grained hypidiomorphic biotite monzogranite.
And there are so many fine dishes to be revived: the succulent neck, the shoulder rolled around forcemeat, the cavalier's broil (with pickled mushrooms), the real Irish stew, the scrag stewed in onions, the kidneys in the ancient Oxford breakfast manner or sliced thin a la francaise, the slightly curried China chilo minced with pease and cucumber, the old mutton gravies, especially soubise, and cold mutton--which didn't mean cold in a lunchpail sandwich, but leftover cutlets dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and then fried.
(12.) Eloubeidi MA, Mason At, Desmond RA, El Scrag HB.
to go and put your nose in by somebody else's fireside, or to sit down by yourself to a scrag or a knuckle; but, thank God!
I've danced my little dance, but perhaps on no stage, have disposed my mind to pretense, feigned a certain tawdry Platonism, knowing nothing of the gent (I once bet a week's take at the till on a plug named Plato's Shade and the wretched scrag failed even to show, I've shied from philosophizing horses ever since), stolen freely and without remorse, (e.g.) naked played the fool.
No, but Trent-boy must figure that no Mexican truck would make it as far as Opryland and scrag a pickup load of good ole boys.
1909 Provincetown Small, female, entangled in fish trap, killed with bomb lance; 10.59 m; a "scrag." Spring 1910 Provincetown Date Locality Sources Dec.
His old school chips are also exceptional, big potatoes cut as thick as a farmer's fingers, fluffy inside and piping hot and with nary a scrag end to chase around the plate with a frustrated fork at the end of the meal.
The shape is somewhat redolent of those halcyon days when the population dined on nettle soup, Woolton Pie and scrag ends.
Certainly his markers must have been whisked back to their childhood playing against the best kid in school when he picked up the ball inside his own half, dismissed Solvi Jonsson's desperate attempts to scrag him back like a teenage toying with a toddler and then cut inside a bewildered Kari Arnason to rifle home his 12th goal for his country.