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SCRAMSafety Control Rod Axe Man (nuclear reactor)
SCRAMSecure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.)
SCRAMStatic Column Ram
SCRAMSoftware Configuration and Management
SCRAMSupersonic Combustion Ramjet
SCRAMSupport Center for Regulatory Air Models (US EPA)
SCRAMState Consolidated RCRA Authorization Manual
SCRAMStart Cutting Right Away Man (cut the rope that drops control rods into reactor to stop the reaction)
SCRAMScenario Requirements Analysis Method (software engineering)
SCRAMSuper-Critical Reactor Axe Man
SCRAMSystem Configuration Reconfiguration Automation Module
SCRAMSpecial Criteria for Retrograde of Army Materiel
SCRAMSpace Capsule Regulator and Monitor (Raytheon)
SCRAMSafety Control Rod Actuator Mechanism (emergency shutdown)
SCRAMStatistical CRAck Mechanics
SCRAMShort-Cut Risk Assessment Method
SCRAMSignal Command Readout Alarm Module
SCRAMSpares Control, Release & Monitoring
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She also ordered the "Mean Girls" actress to undergo random drug and alcohol tests, and had her ankle fitted with the SCRAM monitoring bracelet.
Scram says no case has been made for the extra lorry movements and claims the changes to the coal stocking arrangements will have a negative visual impact.
LAST night Wayne Daley, a Cramlington county councillor and a founder member of the local residents' group Scram which was set up to fight the Shotton scheme, said he was alarmed by the latest developments.
NPIL Pharma will develop a technology called Scram, which will help cut costs and waste during the manufacture of new and existing drugs.
Por lo anterior, al fallar el suministro de energia, los mandos de control no respondian, el nucleo se sobrecalentaba y el SCRAM no ocurria.
On that visit he read an interview with the self-styled Field Marshal Mwariama, a Mau Mau leader, which became the catalyst for further research in Kenya and elsewhere, which led to the writing of Scram from Kenya
Clinical laboratory results were unremarkable except for a transient and mild increase in erythrocyte sedimentation rate and scram levels of alanine aminotransferase, and a moderate lymphocytosis.
If you're looking for small office/home office (SOHO) work but are wary of ads attached to utility poles, buses or trains, check out this Web site's Scram Scams section.
These kinds of gets--regular people stuck in extraordinary circumstances --don't usually have media handlers to steer them through the media scram.
Consumers have a choice of aluminum or cromoly frames, Shimano Decore or Scram shifters and drive trains, plus numerous other features.
Nerve cells attached to each hair detect precise measurements in wind strength and direction--and tell the roach whether it should chill out or scram.