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SCRAMSafety Control Rod Axe Man (nuclear reactor)
SCRAMSecure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.)
SCRAMStatic Column Ram
SCRAMSoftware Configuration and Management
SCRAMSupersonic Combustion Ramjet
SCRAMSupport Center for Regulatory Air Models (US EPA)
SCRAMState Consolidated RCRA Authorization Manual
SCRAMStart Cutting Right Away Man (cut the rope that drops control rods into reactor to stop the reaction)
SCRAMScenario Requirements Analysis Method (software engineering)
SCRAMSuper-Critical Reactor Axe Man
SCRAMSpecial Criteria for Retrograde of Army Materiel
SCRAMSystem Configuration Reconfiguration Automation Module
SCRAMSpace Capsule Regulator and Monitor (Raytheon)
SCRAMSafety Control Rod Actuator Mechanism (emergency shutdown)
SCRAMStatistical CRAck Mechanics
SCRAMShort-Cut Risk Assessment Method
SCRAMSignal Command Readout Alarm Module
SCRAMSpares Control, Release & Monitoring
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The power excursion can be terminated by the reactivity feedback alone but the reactor SCRAM safely shut down the reactor and limits the MCST increase to 10-30[degrees]C and the MFCLT rise to 80-150[degrees]C.
The SCRAM plan "will provide some people with flexibility.
Apparently the party girl turned up at the door wearing her SCRAM alcohol monitor last week with 16-year-old sister Ali in tow - and was immediately turned away from the door.
Indeed, Lohan took to her Twitter early on Tuesday saying the bracelet, called a SCRAM device, could not have been set off, and she blamed the tabloids and paparazzi for fomenting speculation.
Lohan denies she has done anything wrong tweeting: "My SCRAM was not set off, it is physically impossible considering I have done nothing for it to go off.
The 23-year-old wild one, above, is forced to wear it after being banned due to drinkdriving.The special Scram tag records her booze intake but doesn't look too pretty.
Objections have come from local pressure group Scram (Support Cramlington Residents Against Mining) and pharmaceutical company Aesica.
But the mouse--who keeps popping up in surprising places--just won't scram. This gentle tale of a big friend and a little friend features soft, heartwarming ink-and-water-colour illustrations.
The machine, however, registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.09, a hair over VirginiaAAEs 0.08 legal limit.Facing six months in jail for violating the terms of the program, Williams instead agreed to wear the SCRAM anklet, whose development began 10 years ago after Michigan law enforcement officials began using GPS devices to track offendersAAE whereabouts.For Williams, the alcohol-sniffing anklet took some getting used to.
In the build-up to their clash with Moseley, the Castle Park connoisseurs declared their hosts' cheese and ham toasted panini the finest scram on offer at level two.
NONAGRAM: acme; acre; cage; came; care; case; cause; causer; crag; cram; cream; cruse; cure; curse; ecru; grace; mace; marc; race; sacrum; sauce; saucer; scag; scam; scar; scare; scrag; scram; scream; scrum; SCRUMMAGE; scum; sucre; sumac.
LAST night Wayne Daley, a Cramlington county councillor and a founder member of the local residents' group Scram which was set up to fight the Shotton scheme, said he was alarmed by the latest developments.