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SCRAMJETSupersonic Combustion Ramjet
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The RBCC concept blends the performance of the rocket, ramjet, and scramjet into one system for seamless ground-to-orbit operation.
Even though the US Air Force has been toying with the technology since the 1960s, hypersonic aircraft and the scramjets that propel them, remain on the bleeding edge of aerospace engineering.
The combined cycle engine is designed for the aircraft from horizontal takeoff to hypersonic cruise with three basic working modes: turbojet mode from takeoff to Mach 2, ejector mode from Mach 2 to Mach 4, and scramjet mode from Mach 4 to cruise Mach 6, i.e., the transfer Mach number between the turbojet mode and the ejector mode is 2, whereas the transfer Mach number between the ejector mode and the scramjet mode is 4, which also means that the single scramjet flow path must be able to start as low as Mach 4, and the dual ducts (both ejector and scramjet flow paths) must work properly at Mach 2.
The scramjet engines help reduce launch costs by cutting down on the amount of oxidiser which needs to be carried along with the fuel.
In order to reduce the coupling effects between the scramjet propulsion system and attitude angles, the attitude constraints are defined as
According to NASA, a scramjet could, theoretically, travel at 15 times
In addition, some new challenges need to be faced for hypersonic flight, including the trajectory optimization [27], the scramjet propulsion design [28], and the multidisciplinary integrated iteration [29].
The DSMC [6] method can be applied in several applications, including semiconductor related fabrication processes, fluid/thermal analysis of MEMS/NEMS devices, hypersonic flow analysis, estimation of spacecraft, and scramjet engines flow.
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After separating from the booster, the cruiser's scramjet engine lit and accelerated the vehicle to Mach 5.1 at 60,000 feet.
Being one of the Big Kids, Jack is looked upon as a leader and enjoys his carefree life immensely--that is, until the day his bicycle, Scramjet, is stolen by Jubilee, someone who has always been avoided because she is a girl.