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SCRIMSociétés Canadiennes en Radiation et Imagerie Médicale (French: Canadian Radiation and Imaging Societies in Medicine)
SCRIMSideways Co-Efficient Routine Investigation Machine
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The scrim too allows vision into the next room, and on into the rooms.
Composite breathable membranes (CBM) are created by the extrusion of breathable films on adhesive coated scrims [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
The "art" projects documented in the exhibition - Michael Van Valkenburg's Radcliffe Ice Walls, 1988, Dan Graham's Two-Way Mirror Cylinder Inside Cube, 1991, Dennis Adams' Bus Shelter IV, 1987, and Tod Williams and Billie Tsien's backlit scrims for the dance performance The World Upside Down, 1990-91 - all address the complex visual interplay between viewer and object, shifting the exhibition's focus away from a strict examination of architectural form.
The term scrim has become a description of weight and performance rather than a reference to the use of yarns to make an open fabric structure.
has agreed to acquire substantially all of the equity capital of Germany based scrim manufacturer Kirson through a share purchase agreement, the company said.
The scrim functions as door within Anbara's home, serving to divide public and private spheres.
Our first look in the show [left image] is a scrim that's covering the entire proscenium, and we were able to land the projections on the scrims behind it as well.
LONG RUNNING: Runners race past some of the fence scrim which was supplied by Darlington based Harrison External Display Systems to the London Marathon
Created to mark his company's 10th anniversary, Akram Khan's latest piece, Vertical Road, opens with a shadowy figure, backlit behind a plastic scrim at the rear of the stage, punching the scrim and drawing mysterious patterns on it.
The upper and Lower opaque PVC sections are 14 oz per square-yard, reinforced with a polyester 9 by 9 by 1000 denier weft inserted scrim laminated into the Fabric for tensile strength and flexibility, according to the company.
Perma-Liner Perma-Lateral liner materials have a reinforced scrim to eliminate stretch during the inversion process.
Cornel West travels with his own black scrim and lapel mic?