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SCRIMSociétés Canadiennes en Radiation et Imagerie Médicale (French: Canadian Radiation and Imaging Societies in Medicine)
SCRIMSideways Co-Efficient Routine Investigation Machine
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Around that same time, natural fabrics were being replaced by synthetics, compromising the quality of ragfelt scrims used to reinforce BUR systems.
ANSYS is being used to evaluate and optimize the design of the embedded scrim.
Also, plastic scrim towels torment your shipmates in the pulper room because the plastic filament clogs up the system and the paper content does not process well in the shipboard Plastics Waste Processors.
In the first four chapters of the book she explores the issue of female sexuality in The Faerie Queene by considering the ways in which Spenser describes the appeal of woman as she is revealed to male characters (and readers) in dream and in nightmare or through a scrim composed of society's empty categories of beauty and of class.
Scrim divided the volume of the gallery into three compartments, and one perceived the occupants as translucent silhouettes with disembodied voices.
Between them lies a scrim (a screen that seems translucent or solid, depending on the lighting) where the two forms converge.
Billed as the only reinforcement on the market offering the benefits of both glass and polyester, Rotaflam Neo also combines the performances of laid scrim (strength and dimensional stability) and nonwoven materials (puncture, fire and tear resistance) in a single layer.
WHITNEY MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART * June 27-September 1 * Curated by Donna De Salvo * Scrim veil--Black rectangle--Natural light, a work.
At night, more than 400 blue LEDs mounted on the inside edge of the scrim reflect onto the building's glass-and-metal facade and back onto the exterior aluminum skin to transform the facade into a glowing lantern.
THERE just aren't enough opportunities in life to take full advantage of a window scrim.
SCRIM make the kind of music that makes you want to dance.