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SCRIPStudy of Cardiovascular Risk Intervention by Pharmacists (serum cholesterol)
SCRIPStanford Coronary Risk Intervention Project
SCRIPStonycreek Conemaugh River Improvement Project (Pennsylvania)
SCRIPSpherical Coordinate Remapping and Interpolation Package (software)
SCRIPStudents and Clinicians for Relief of the Iraqi People
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Scrip 100 has recognised Asia as a hotbed of pharmaceutical research since its launch in 2005 and our hope is that Scrip Asia 100 will play a part in helping to improve understanding of this critical part of the world, perhaps even highlighting opportunities and prompting discussions between potential partners," explains Ian Haydock, Scrip's Tokyo-based Asia editor.
He informed the Centre has added 1837 new products under Market Linked Focus Product Scheme (MLFPS) eligible for incentive in the form of Duty Credit Scrip at two percent of FOB value of exports to specified markets.
In the 1930s such scrip was created by local business owners and entities to help promote economic activity during the Great Depression.
Our estimated value for this banking scrip is worked out to be KD1.
Scrip came in 15 distinct series--in dollar denominations (1, 5, 10, and 20 dollars) as well as coin denominations, called fractionals.
Scrip has been issued off and on in the United States by different kinds of entities--private companies like coal mines and railroads, city governments, and civic organizations, among others--and for a number of reasons, not just to overcome liquidity shortages.
Giant Food, LLC here said it has begun offering nonprofit organizations a 5 percent discount on Giant gift card orders of $1,000 or more as part of the retailer's fundraising scrip program.
Scrip was a form of currency issued to Metis people by the federal government that could be used to purchase Crown land.
Since the 1980s, schools, churches and community groups have turned to scrip sellers for bulk discounts on gift certificates they can then sell at face value to fund projects and activities.
The scrip dividend offer helps to save Newcastle United cash.
But the story between the lines is about Metis' scrip (a form of payment from the federal government), its role in a very deliberate policy of settlement of the West, and an early example of the excesses of venture capitalism.
The Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology unit publishes the magazines Scrip, Good Clinical Practice Journal and BioPeople; newsletters Scrip World Pharmaceutical News, Scrip's Target World Drug Delivery News, BioVenture View, BioCommerce Abstracts and, Scrip Daily News Alert, an daily e-mail.