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SCRIPTSouth Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team (Australia)
SCRIPTService de Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation Pédagogiques et Technologiques (French: Research, Educational Innovation and Technology Service Coordination; Luxembourg)
SCRIPTSouth Carolina Rural Interdisciplinary Program of Training (health education)
SCRIPTScale of Children's Readiness in Printing (handwriting assessment)
SCRIPTSupporting Changes and Reform in Interprofessional Preservice Training (Iowa)
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The researchers said that information gathered by the session replay scripts can't "reasonably be expected to be kept anonymous," meaning once it is collected by the script and sent to a third-party server, it can be viewed and used any way that the company behind the script so chooses.
The customer service script is one of the most used and reviled forms of customer communication there is.
Some of the important features of the script include:
A script need not be compiled as a separate step, so scripting languages are well suited for embedded use in test and measurement equipment.
The IDL Script Node executes IDL pro code directly within an NI LabVIEW virtual instrument (VI) and is a specialized form of LabVIEW's general script node architecture.
Follow-up is not very convenient, either: loading a new tape for each machine, making sure that the script will work as designed.
After research, script topics are chosen with the help of broadcasters, agriculture extension specialists and by learning what other organizations, such as UNICEF, have identified as priorities.
Rather than practice our entire team offense and then go to a situational scrimmage, we will script those situations into our team-offense time.
There was a unified awareness by Weaver, Newson and Hirst of the inherent difficulties in making a film like Century Hotel work, but devotion to a good script makes people do funny things.
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