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The torch, Shandy, from tower to scullery, but in the service of My Lady, no looting.
Next came the 'tarry toot' or scraps of old linoleum (aye , Edith's scullery again
Arthur Thorpe's heavily bearded Scullery, whisky bottle always close to hand, was rather a twinkly guide, seemingly happily at home on this rocky road.
They timed each leg of the process from reaching the first server, collecting silverware, dumping trash into the appropriate receptacle, and leaving trays at the scullery.
Not the sweet, demure scullery maid but a feisty, in-your-face, go-getter who sets her cap at Big Dave's (Cameron) Prince Charming.
Circumstances mean that young Daisy Dobbs has to leave school, which she really enjoys, to go and work as a scullery maid for the Misses Simms in London.
It is told in the first person alternately by Polly, who has been sent by her father in India to live with aristocratic relations in England after the death of her mother, and Jess, who has been elevated from her position in the scullery to act as lady's maid to Penelope.
There will also be a display by Nuneaton Model Engineers and a chance to step back in time with the Museum of Memories and the Scullery.
The starlet has been working her way through a number of low key TV series in her home country but this year could be her year to go from scullery maid to belle of the ball as, according to Middle East news portal, Elaph, she has landed herself a 'Cinderella' role.
The Sun Inn in Chipping claims to be the most haunted pub in Lancashire, thanks largely to the ghost of Lizzie Dean, a scullery maid who committed suicide in the pub's attic back in 1835, aged just 20.
But, another staging quibble, with the revelation of Nicklausse as the Muse of Poetry at the finale, why does she reappear as a scullery maid?
Scullery maid Molly, entrusted with polishing the silver at Dethmere Castle, sees visions whenever she polishes the ceremonial hand basin.