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SCUMBAGSSanta Clara University Master of Business Administration Graduate Students (California)
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"If you have any information, pass it to the Garda or to me and let's together take our community back from the small group of scumbags who are intent on ruining a great community." A public meeting is now being planned in the coming weeks because of the huge reaction he has received to his post.
It features a Dublin "scumbag" forced to team up with a shamed GAA star to shape up a group of Southside mammies.
STAGE TWO stops the Scumbags claiming benefits so they have no disposable income.
He said he had committed the "heinous crime" of becoming emotional when being interviewed by the defence magazine and regretted having referred to asylum seekers as scumbags.
The girl, who did not wish to be named, wrote: 'My grandad no longer felt safe in his home and was too proud a man to move out and I do believe that if it wasn't for these scumbags my grandad would still be alive today
Lacson said these police officers were 'scumbags' who had no regard for life.
Johnny told the Irish Mirror: "You get known for playing a part and the majority of auditions I'm seen for, it's for bad boys, scumbags, gangsters or coke addicts, something like that.
The dad, who is not being named, said: "These scumbags have no moral code and will clearly attack anyone and anything."
So your initial anger at the news itself becomes compounded at the reaction of idiots and scumbags to the news and off you go - blood pressure soaring and knuckles clenching white with rage.
Steve Johnstone wrote on Facebook: "What evil scumbags.
A MESSAGE to all you worthless scumbags, But I doubt that you can even read, The law should bring back the birch immediately, Because it's the punishment you all definitely need.
SHAME on Tory MP Robert Halfon for failing to engage his brain before opening his big mouth and branding Sunderland fans "scumbags" and "hooligans".