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SEAMSun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism
SEAMSecretaría del Ambiente (Spanish: Ministry of Environment; Paraguay)
SEAMSoutheast Asia Microform Project
SEAMSidewinder Expanded Acquisition Mode (US Navy aviation)
SEAMSurface, Environment, and Mining
SEAMSouth Eastern Association of Magicians
SEAMScience, Engineering, and Math
SEAMSprint Enterprise Application Messaging (Sprint)
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Welding an old pike-head, sir; there were seams and dents in it.
If the curl-to-flat player drops too wide too fast, the curl or seam will be wide open.
If the pitcher clutches the ball across the seams, it appears that four seams pass in front as the ball makes a revolution; if he holds the ball along the seams, it appears that only two seams do.
I've used the Butler standing seam metal roof for so many years that I have only two buildings without it," says Steininger.
Downgaging the weight of both cans and ends presents the challenge of obtaining a smooth seam without scuffing and wrinkles.
His group found no influence from seam orientation at much higher spin parameters.
The immediacy and particularity of What Keeps Us Here (1992) and Soul Train fade into the narrative meanderings of In Every Seam.
There are two faces in seam 3 in the Esperanza block, one face in seam 2 in Victoria and a fourth face in Victoria's seam 3 is being developed.
In the first, during the drilling of a well to produce crude oil, it was learned that a coal seam gas deposit had been penetrated above the oil reservoir.
The pitch (preheated by a shore party assigned to the task) was then applied to the keel seam in frantic haste, for the work had to be finished before the tide returned and refloated the ship.
Turn the bag inside out and make a French seam by creasing and restitching to capture the first seam allowance.