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SMNSummoner (Final Fantasy, gaming)
SMNServicio Meteorologico Nacional (Spanish: National Meteorological Service)
SMNSanta Maria Novella (church and main train station, Florence, Italy)
SMNSurvival Motor Neuron
SMNShaman (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
SMNScientific and Medical Network
SMNSmall Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SMNSociété Métallurgique de Normandie (French: Metallurgic Company of Normandy; 1912-1993)
SMNSociété Morbihannaise de Navigation (French cruise company)
SMNSystème Multilatéral de Négociation (French: Multilateral Trading System)
SMNShort Message Networks
SMNSociété Méditerranéenne de Nettoiement (French: Mediterranean Cleanup Corporation; France)
SMNSociété Marocaine de Nutrition (French)
SMNService de Métrologie Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Metrology Service; Belgium)
SMNSoftware Modification Notice
SMNSpace Mapping-based Neuromodeling
SMNSpot Market Network (Model)
SMNSenior Ministries Network
SMNSociété Musicale Normande (French: Music Society of Normandy; France)
SMNSmall and Midsize Network
SMNSignalisation Moléculaire et Neurodégénérescence (French: Molecular Signaling and Neurodegeneration; University of Strasbourg; France)
SMNStatic Mesh Network (Sprint)
SMNSociété de Maintenance et de Négoce (French: Society of Maintenance and Trading)
SMNSmoky Mountain News (North Carolina)
SMNShoot Me Now
SMNSimple Multicast Network
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When we pulled him aboard the boat he proved to be a young seaman of the name of Hudson, who was so burned and exhausted that he could give us no account of what had happened until the following morning.
Imagine, then, my feelings when in the seaman who came to us I recognized instantly the man who had been picked off the wreck.
Yes, can't you remember when we were very little,' said the old seaman, 'and ran and played about?
Yes, it was delightful; and the little maiden showed the boy everything; and the Elder Tree still was fragrant, and the red flag, with the white cross, was still waving: the flag under which the old seaman in the New Booths had sailed.
Shuan that navigates the brig; he's the finest seaman in the trade, only for drink; and I tell you I believe it
There was something awful in the thought that she was the last reflection of the world of passion for the fierce soul which seemed to look at one out of the sardonically savage face of that old seaman.
Burns told me that he was the best seaman in the ship, I ex- pressed my surprise that in his earliest prime and of such appearance he should sign on as cook on board a ship.
With a seaman on each side holding him up under the arms, the mate went over the gangway more sullen than ever.
Then I called him into the cabin, and told him the story; and we called in the men, and they told us the rest of it; but as it took up a great deal of time, before we had done a seaman comes to the cabin door, and called out to us that the captain bade him tell us we were chased by five sloops, or boats, full of men.
Focusing on how these cryptocurrencies issue new coins has led Seaman to release a brief pamphlet showing others exactly how he makes money from his living room, using only an Internet connection and Windows desktop computer.
Part I, the life of Henry Seaman Dan, describes his life on the islands and across northern Australia as a pearl shell diver.
Leading Seaman aircrewman Shipp s courage and commitment was of the highest order and his story serves as a truly inspiring example of Navy s values, Commodore Di Pietro said.
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