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SMNSummoner (Final Fantasy, gaming)
SMNServicio Meteorologico Nacional (Spanish: National Meteorological Service)
SMNStoomvaart-Maatschappij Nederland (Dutch: Netherlands Steamship Company)
SMNSmoky Mountain News (North Carolina)
SMNSanta Maria Novella (church and main train station, Florence, Italy)
SMNStatement of Medical Necessity (healthcare)
SMNSurvival Motor Neuron
SMNShaman (Mic-O-Say, Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America)
SMNShoot Me Now
SMNScientific and Medical Network
SMNScottish Mediation Network (UK)
SMNSmall Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Polypeptide N
SMNSociété Métallurgique de Normandie (French: Metallurgic Company of Normandy; 1912-1993)
SMNSociété Morbihannaise de Navigation (French cruise company)
SMNShark Monitoring Network (Australia)
SMNSimple Multicast Network
SMNSystème Multilatéral de Négociation (French: Multilateral Trading System)
SMNServizio Mareografico Nazionale (Italian: Tidal National Service)
SMNShort Message Networks
SMNSociété Méditerranéenne de Nettoiement (French: Mediterranean Cleanup Corporation; France)
SMNSociété Marocaine de Nutrition (French)
SMNService de Métrologie Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Metrology Service; Belgium)
SMNSoftware Modification Notice
SMNSpace Mapping-based Neuromodeling
SMNSpot Market Network (Model)
SMNSteiner Minimal Network (electrical engineering)
SMNSo-Net Media Networks Co., Ltd. (Japan)
SMNSenior Ministries Network
SMNSociété Musicale Normande (French: Music Society of Normandy; France)
SMNSmall and Midsize Network
SMNSignalisation Moléculaire et Neurodégénérescence (French: Molecular Signaling and Neurodegeneration; University of Strasbourg; France)
SMNStatic Mesh Network (Sprint)
SMNSociété de Maintenance et de Négoce (French: Society of Maintenance and Trading)
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David Seaman supports Bob Wilson's Willow Foundation and the British Heart Foundation
To prove his allegation wrong, Dela Pena said he showed his seaman ID, but the man demanded that he give him his cell phone.
The authors' purpose seems to be to tell the life story of Uncle Seaman, which it does, with a small omission, which I will return to later.
At the service, one of our most experienced and decorated sailors, Chief Petty Officer aircrewman Benjamin Sime, proudly read the Ode and Leading Seaman Shipp s story to attendees.
Seaman, of Penllyn Way, Hemlington, Middlesbrough, admitted theft, converting criminal property and four counts of obtaining services dishonestly - his first convictions.
But Seaman received two early warnings on his form and said, "I was handcuffed" and had to slow his pace.
45) In Terrebonne, the Fifth Circuit reasoned that the FAA does not prevent a seaman from entering into a post-injury arbitration agreement that subjects a seaman's subsequent claims for maintenance and cure to an arbitration hearing, reasoning that maintenance and cure, while inherent in the employment relationship, is a separate concept and not an intrinsic part of the employment contract.
She was granted a "quickie" divorce yesterday after Seaman admitted adultery.
Introduced by a mutual acquaintance, Seaman agreed to talk to Gregory Hansen and allow him to record his repertoire.
Summary: DJ Dave Seaman will spin American Independence Day this Friday at Jbeil's BAY 183, which is hosting a beach party that includes three raised stages, a telescopic light show and a fireworks display.
In response, what followed was arguably the largest international strike of the twentieth century, as workers in 26 countries supported the Canadian seaman by tying up sixty per cent of global shipping.
ICE queen Pam O'Connor kept her plastered chin up yesterday after her skating accident with David Seaman on ITV's Dancing on Ice.
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