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The searchlight followed her, and a shudder ran through all who saw her, for lashed to the helm was a corpse, with drooping head, which swung horribly to and fro at each motion of the ship.
Making straight for the steep cliff, where the churchyard hangs over the laneway to the East Pier so steeply that some of the flat tombstones, thruffsteans or through-stones, as they call them in Whitby vernacular, actually project over where the sustaining cliff has fallen away, it disappeared in the darkness, which seemed intensified just beyond the focus of the searchlight.
The men working the searchlight, after scouring the entrance of the harbour without seeing anything, then turned the light on the derelict and kept it there.
With its strong local and international relationships, as well as its experience investing in other heritage brands, Searchlight believes it can add significant value to Roots as the Company continues to expand.
In conjunction with the investment, Eric Zinterhofer, co-founder and partner in Searchlight, will be invited to join the GCI board of directors.
The Searchlight project is an important milestone in achieving Nevada s renewable energy goals, said Mr.
The Tacprogear Nitecore Tiny Monster TM15 rechargeable handheld searchlight comes with its own charger, quality holster, lanyard and a spare O-ring.
The price of neon searchlight, either Egyptian or Chinese, is between LE170 ($24.
The Cardiff Searchlight Tattoos were held in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, sometimes every year or sometimes in alternate years.
Performed on the eve of the Olympic torch's arrival in Birmingham, Riverside Church, along with other churches in Birmingham, is collaborating with Searchlight theatre company to perform the show at the mac theatre tonight and tomorrow.
The Maxa Beam is the only compact high-intensity searchlight with a computer-controllable motorized beam width and variable frequency strobe function.
Being a member of the 93rd Searchlight Regiment (Royal Artillery) was dangerous, but it was also exciting.