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SecRetSecurity and Rewriting Techniques (workshop)
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There were many keys upon the oval ring, but the fair Martian maid quickly selected that which sprung the great lock at her waist, and freed she hurried toward the secret panel.
The Secret,' I whispered to her--'wait and tell me the Secret
If I am right in my own persuasion that such a document as I here describe is at this moment in Admiral Bartram's possession -- a persuasion based, in the first instance, on the extraordinary words that I have quoted to you; and, in the second instance, on purely legal considerations with which it is needless to incumber my letter -- if I am right in this opinion, the discovery of the Secret Trust would be, in all probability, a most important discovery to your interests.
There was a laurel-hedged walk which curved round the secret garden and ended at a gate which opened into a wood, in the park.
inquired Hester, shrinking, she hardly knew why, from this secret bond.
When you are married, you will know that the easiest of all secrets to keep is a secret from your husband.
But then the opportunity of making a sacrifice to her secret love was glorious, and her frankness forbade her to conceal the truth.
In short, the queen-mother has conceived a bitter hatred for all those who have participated, in one fashion or another, in the discovery of this secret, and M.
Thousands of secret agents were rushed to the devoted city.
At last she began to catechise me on the subject of secrecy, to which I gave her such satisfactory answers, that, at last, having locked the door of her room, she took me into her closet, and then locking that door likewise, she said she should convince me of the vast reliance she had on my integrity, by communicating a secret in which her honour, and consequently her life, was concerned.
It's the exact knowledge they have as to our dispositions, our most secret and sudden change of tactics.
Peepholes were pierced in the wall of each room, and we were never certain, while at work, whose eye was observing, or whose ear was listening in secret.