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SEESouth East(ern) Europe
SEESoftware Engineering Environment
SEESpecial Extended Edition (DVD)
SEEScience and Engineering Education
SEESchool of Engineering and Electronics (various universities)
SEESingle Event Effect
SEESistema Educativo Estatal (Spanish: State Education System; Mexico)
SEESocial, Environmental and Ethical
SEEStudies in Economics and Econometrics
SEEStandard Error of Estimate (also seen as Sy.x)
SEESigning Exact English
SEESpazio Economico Europeo (Italian: European Economic Area )
SEESquare Enix Europe (video games)
SEESymantec Endpoint Encryption (software)
SEESpecial Enrollment Examination (US IRS)
SEESecondary Electron Emission
SEESouth East Employers (UK)
SEESignificant Emotional Event (psychology)
SEESingle Event Effects
SEESecure Execution Environment
SEESystemic Embolic Event (atrial fibrillation)
SEESecure Electronic Environment (New Zealand)
SEEStatement of Environmental Effects
SEEService de l'Energie de l'Etat (Luxembourg)
SEESociété Pour l'Expansion des Exportations (Canadian export development corporation)
SEEService Execution Environment (Magellan)
SEESociety of Environmental Engineers
SEEStratégie Européenne pour l'Emploi (French: European Employment Strategy; EU)
SEESurgical Eye Expeditions
SEESociety of Eco-Engineering (Japan)
SEEStereoElectronic Effects
SEESenior Environmental Employment (EPA program)
SEESmall Earnings Exception (UK)
SEEStudent Educational Experience (NASA)
SEESmall Emplacement Excavator
SEESystems Engineering Environment
SEESave the Environment Ethiopia
SEESchool of Excellence in Education (San Antonio, Texas)
SEESeeing Essential English
SEESprint Exclusive Entertainment
SEESpace Exploration Engineering
SEESpace Environment and Effects (NASA)
SEEStaphylococcal Enterotoxin E (immunology)
SEESolar EUV Experiment
SEESocial Economy Europe (EU)
SEESearch, Evaluate, Execute (motorcycle riding decision making)
SEESchool of Experiential Education
SEESenior Environmental Employee
SEESecondary Escape Estimation (data compression)
SEESpecific Effective Energy
SEEStandard End-Effector (aeronautics)
SEESimulation Execution Environment
SEEStandard Error Event
SEESchool for Educational Enrichment
SEEStatic Excitation Equipment
SEESociety of Electronic Engineers
SEESensory Environments Evaluation
SEESociété des Eaux de l'Essonne (French water company)
SEESection d'Etudes Européennes (French: Section for European Studies)
SEESociety for Environment and Education
SEESociety of Experimental Engineers
SEESystems Effectiveness Engineering
SEESyndicat des Employés d'Electrolima (French)
SEESynthetic Environment Exercise
SEESupplemental Electromagnetic Emission
SEESociety of Earthbound Extraterrestrials (Berkeley, California and Edmonton, Alberta)
SEESensor Environmental Enclosure
SEESpatially Enabled Electronic
SEESpectrometer for Energetic Electrons
SEESoftware and Systems Engineering Essentials
SEESupplementary Electronics Equipment
SEESociété d'Etudes et d'Expansion (Society of Study and Expansion; Belgium)
SEESocialist Economy Expert
SEEService Electronique Engineering (French: Electronic Engineering Service)
SEESéminaires d'Ecologie et d'Evolution (French: Seminars in Ecology and Evolution)
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It was really comical to see the creature walk; for it moved the legs on its right side together, and those on its left side together, as a pacing horse does; and that made its body rock sidewise, like a cradle.
This, as you have already discerned, violates the first law of dreaming, namely, that in one's dreams one sees only what he has seen in his waking life, or combinations of the things he has seen in his waking life.
She was all mine, and no one could see her--no one of living mankind!
I could see that they were Galus, and I guessed that Du-seen led them.
As for my escort, heaven and yourselves will see to it."
Red then asked him to send them both to cut down wood next morning, and see which of them could do most work.
Then I told my story to the Scotch doctor as I have told it here; and, that done, I opened the sketch-book to let him see the writing for himself.
To the north-eastward, the glare of snow lay under the starlight of the sable sky and I could see an undulating crest of hillocks pinkish white.
As the sparks fell thick and bright about him, I could see his hands, and touches of his face, and could make out that he was seated and bending over the table; but nothing more.
Raoul, with a gesture, directed him to be silent, placing his finger on his lips and drawing back by degrees, without Athos being able to see his legs move.
For a moment he could not realize the good fortune that had befallen him--all that he could see was the figure of a silent, struggling white man disappearing beneath the surface of the river to unthinkable death in the slimy mud of the bottom.
From his room he could see all round the neighbourhood, but the two places that interested him most were Mercy Farm and Diana's Grove.