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SEEDSSarvodaya Economic Enterprise Development Services
SEEDSState Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (Nigeria) Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy
SEEDSSpace Exposed Experiment Developed for Students (NASA)
SEEDSStrategic Evolution of ESE (Earth Science Enterprise) Data Systems
SEEDSSustainable Early Education Development System (children)
SEEDSSustainable East End Development Strategies (New York, USA)
SEEDSSpace Engineering Education Satellite (Nihon University; Japan)
SEEDSSouth East Essex Driving School
SEEDSState's Environmental Education Directory (New Jersey)
SEEDSSouth East Europe Development Solutions (Bosnian development projects; Ithaca, NY)
SEEDSState Economic Empowerment Strategy (UN Development Program; Nigeria)
SEEDSSeek Education Explore and Discover
SEEDSSociety, Environment and Energy Development Foundation (Canada)
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now clear I understand What oft my steddiest thoughts have searcht in vain, Why our great expectation should be call'd The seed of Woman: Virgin Mother, Haile, High in the love of Heav'n, yet from my Loynes Thou shalt proceed, and from thy Womb the Son Of God most High; So God with man unites.
Dream not of thir fight, As of a Duel, or the local wounds Of head or heel: not therefore joynes the Son Manhood to God-head, with more strength to foil Thy enemie; nor so is overcome SATAN, whose fall from Heav'n, a deadlier bruise, Disabl'd not to give thee thy deaths wound: Which hee, who comes thy Saviour, shall recure, Not by destroying SATAN, but his works In thee and in thy Seed: nor can this be, But by fulfilling that which thou didst want, Obedience to the Law of God, impos'd On penaltie of death, and suffering death, The penaltie to thy transgression due, And due to theirs which out of thine will grow: So onely can high Justice rest appaid.
Let us descend now therefore from this top Of Speculation; for the hour precise Exacts our parting hence; and see the Guards, By mee encampt on yonder Hill, expect Thir motion, at whose Front a flaming Sword, In signal of remove, waves fiercely round; We may no longer stay: go, waken Eve; Her also I with gentle Dreams have calm'd Portending good, and all her spirits compos'd To meek submission: thou at season fit Let her with thee partake what thou hast heard, Chiefly what may concern her Faith to know, The great deliverance by her Seed to come (For by the Womans Seed) on all Mankind.
This further consolation yet secure I carry hence; though all by mee is lost, Such favour I unworthie am voutsaft, By mee the Promis'd Seed shall all restore.
The highest EI was obtained from the seeds primed in KH2PO4 supplemented with 25 mg.L-1 Pro-Ca and KNO3 with 50 mg.L-1 Pro-Ca (1.25, 1.17, respectively).
The plant has a modern laboratory for researching the quality and productivity of seeds.
'Out of the 100 percent seeds you get in the market, more than 85 percent are not certified, they do not come from certified companies, and I will take it that there are no proper checks and balance, people at the Ministry of Agriculture are not serious.
Summary: A new market study, titled "Discover Global Organic Seeds Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges" has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Their oil reduces hypertension and 2 tablespoons of the seeds provides 25% of your Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of magnesium.
Aerial seeding was conducted in the Margalla Hills in the 1980s, but that time, seeds of local trees were dropped.
The 2019 SSEA Seed Index was officially released by Ido Verhagen, executive director of Access to Seeds Foundation, and senior research lead Coosje Hoogendoorn.
After soaking with different concentration gradients: 300, 500, 700, 900 mg*L-1 GA3, the germination rate was significantly higher than of 100 mg*L-1 GA3 (P[?]0.05), while the germination rates showed no significant difference after soaking seeds between 300, 500, 700 and 900 mg*L-1 GA3 solution (Fig.