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SEESSharp Electronica España SA (Spain)
SEESSpecialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (video game, Persona 3)
SEESStudying Earth's Environment from Space
SEESSoftware Engineering Educators Symposium
SEESSecurity Exercise Evaluation System
SEESStandard Entry-Exit Service
SEESSensitive Electronic Equipment/System
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I saw the snake-charmer, and no more of the circus did I see that night.
The greatest inconvenience the hunters caused me was the delay, for they have a nasty habit of keeping one treed for an hour or more if balked in their designs; but at last we came in sight of a line of cliffs running east and west across our path as far as the eye could see in either direction, and I knew that we reached the natural boundary which marks the line between the Kro-lu and Galu countries.
"'This,' I answered, 'must be as it may please heaven, but tell me and tell me and tell me true, I see my poor mother's ghost close by us; she is sitting by the blood without saying a word, and though I am her own son she does not remember me and speak to me; tell me, Sir, how I can make her know me.'
In the meantime, let us say no more on the subject till we see the doctor."
It was really comical to see the creature walk; for it moved the legs on its right side together, and those on its left side together, as a pacing horse does; and that made its body rock sidewise, like a cradle.
She was all mine, and no one could see her--no one of living mankind!
Red then asked him to send them both to cut down wood next morning, and see which of them could do most work.
To the north-eastward, the glare of snow lay under the starlight of the sable sky and I could see an undulating crest of hillocks pinkish white.
As the sparks fell thick and bright about him, I could see his hands, and touches of his face, and could make out that he was seated and bending over the table; but nothing more.
Who can paint the mortal agony with which his soul followed, like a vigilant eye, these effigies of clay-cold soldiers, and examined them, one after the other, to see if Raoul slept among them?
It seemed incredible that two human beings should have come so close to them without having been detected by some of the marvellously keen and alert beasts; but Tarzan pointed out the spoor of the two he trailed, and at certain points the black could see that the man and the woman must have been in hiding as the pack passed them, watching every move of the ferocious creatures.
From his room he could see all round the neighbourhood, but the two places that interested him most were Mercy Farm and Diana's Grove.