segsSegmented Neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes)
segsSolar Electric Generating System
segsSovereign Entities Grading Service, Inc. (third party coin grading)
segsScience & Engineering Graduate Student Scheme (UK)
segsSonar/Environmental Group Simulator
segsSecure Environmental Graphics System
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All of the 38 different SEGS had at least one personal noise dosimetry sample over the OEL, resulting in all those assigned to the 38 SEGs being classified as being "overexposed." The percentage of DoD military musicians assigned to the 38 SEGs during the 5-year period represents both those musicians under noise surveillance and those classified as being overexposed.
The RSD subgroup discovery approach combined with gene set enrichment analysis inspired the development of the SEGS algorithm (Searching for Enriched Gene Sets) [17], a specialized algorithm for semantic subgroup discovery for microarray data analysis.
Alpha Renewable Energy will pay W2 Energy $35,000 upon delivery of the SEGS riverbed turbine system, which consists of a propeller and propeller housing, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and generator.
Even SEGS, the largest operating solar plant in the world--also located in the Mojave Desert (fancy that)--which uses nine solar arrays with over 1,000,000 sun-tracking parabolic mirrors to concentrate solar energy, is not a wonder of efficiency.
Another significant update is the Suite's Essential Industrial Hygiene module, which enables users to create exposure assessment profiles with similar exposure groups (SEGs) that can be established and classified by any combination of job task, assessment type, and synergis tic effects.
The 1998 Credit Union Membership Access Act may mitigate these risks by explicitly allowing credit unions to expand their field of membership to include multiple common bonds called "select employee groups" (SEGs).
which is implemented by three passes: (1) computing all contiguous segments of a sequence by segs, (2) summing up each contiguous segment by sum, and (3) selecting the largest value by max.
The nine trough solar electric generating systems (SEGS) operating in the Mojave Desert in southern California currently deliver 354 megawatts-electric to Southern California Edison's power grid, which is approximately 90 percent of the solar electricity generated in the world today.
If you click onto the Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union website and check the list of eligible organizations, you'll find yourself scrolling through more than 1,200 SEGs.
On debut album Raise The Alarm (produced by a stellar tag-team of Dan Kahuna, Steve Dubb, Segs and Robert Harder, released by City Rockers), indie-rock is relocated to the heart of the dancefloor, without compromise on either side.