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SEL RELSelective Release (US DoD)
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The selective release and politicization of classified information sets a terrible precedent and will do long-term damage to the Intelligence Community and our law enforcement agencies," Democrats on the House intelligence panel said in a statement.
Then came a selective release of data from the Census 2011, which clearly showed that the Christian population of India has remained static at 2.
The researchers propose that the selective release of genes from this network leads to their expression and thus controls early development decisions that start the stem cell along the road to becoming a defined cell type.
They've developed the necessary head groups for motor neuron targeting and selective release, Rosenbaum says.
But the partylist group Bayan Muna said the selective release of the compensation was meant to push the complainants to drop their class suit.
That much is clear from its selective release of information about how much barristers earn.
It is also making a hot-stamping foil in 19 or 23 ism, selective release (ie tamper evident) films in 23, 36 and 50 (or more) [micro]m gauge, and holographic (or non-holographic) shrink sleeves.
In a selective release of its 2009 figures the US-owned business revealed its annual net sales rose 2.
21 (ANI): Former US Vice President Cheney has taken umbrage over the selective release of CIA-related interrogation techniques by the Obama administration that showed the Bush administration in poor light, and officially demanded that all CIA memos relating to the subject be declassified to show the positive results of the techniques.
From the second half of 2007, big customers of TOWONA that released adverts costing more than RMB5 million have started their selective release, and by the end of 2007, RMB10 million customers appeared.
In short, Haneef has been subjected to something resembling a pre-modern form of justice, one based on executive interference in ongoing legal proceedings; limited access to expert legal advice; secret evidence; and, to top it off, a toxic stream of misinformation, lies and selective release of information.
NEW proposals for the selective release of information about paedophiles, plus other measures to be trialled to help protect children from them, including "chemical castration" and lie detector tests, may represent progress of a sort in a society which cannot work out how to deal with the problem and now lives in permanent fear of a threat it can neither understand nor perceive.
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