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The self-locking doors to the area could only be opened with a swipe card.
The Model 1690 has a capacity up to 8-inches OD and incorporates unique features such as ratchet drive, wide saddle-swing open base with a simple self-locking design, and dry-lube plated drive screw.
The equipment is then locked into position, with adjustable turn and tilt, and lowered to the required height using a self-locking crank handle.
KMI) will begin shipping its Self-Locking Safety Syringe to U.
KMC Stampings, Port Washington, WI, won the Johnson Yokogawa Quality Innovation Award for its Self-Locking Twist Pin, which provides an easy-to-use alternative to the commonly used hairpin cotter.
These enclosures also provide excellent security with their self-locking covers, ensuring that the fiber access terminals will not be accidentally left open.
Pipe universal tolerance range (wide tolerance couplings) with self-locking system for steel pipes, ductile iron, cast iron, asbestos cement, HDPE and PVC.
paid out the cash prize of $250 to the Grand Prize winner along with a set of their Self-Locking Jungere Tap Extensions, a prize total of 425.
The self-locking "tail" is then pulled tight, securing the tag to any inside or outside cable.
This new patented Turtle(TM) TS-1 Self-Locking Safety Syringe will significantly reduce transmission of disease," Kershenstine said.
With its proprietary integrated self-locking mechanism and innovative QuickDrive(TM) instrumentation, surgical technique and procedural time is minimized.