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Castellated nuts and cotter pins were installed in place of self-locking nuts.
Standard products include electronic controls, electronic throttle pedal assemblies, transmission shift controls, hydraulic valve controls and self-locking mechanical controls.
Key statement: This invention relates to a tire curing system having a plurality of molds disposed in side by side relation, transporting means for transporting green fires to the tire curing system, loading means for loading a green tire into a bottom mold half of one of the molds, mold closing means for closing a top mold half over the bottom mold half, self-locking means for locking the top mold half to the bottom mold half, curing means for curing the green fires, mold opening means for opening the top mold half from the bottom mold half, unloading means for unloading the cured fire from the bottom mold half and take-away means for carrying the cured fires away from the curing system.
Self-locking motorized screw jacks raise the hood and conveyor clear of the pan for complete cleaning access.
It is designed with a self-locking, sliding knot encased inside it.
It has a longitudinally oriented self-locking center differential that distributes power fore and aft, normally 40% front and 60% rear, although if required, as much as 85% can go to the rear wheels or 65% to the front.
The molded-in threads reportedly are self-locking, more precise than metal, and can be used many times without damage.
BW177-3 Series models use a heavy-duty planetary axle with self-locking differential and a hydrostatic drum drive motor system that enable the rollers to achieve excellent gradeability and traction on the most demanding job sites.
In order to minimize mold opening, both arms are equipped with a compact, self-locking part-swivel axis, which is also used on the standard W 711 robots.
A magnetic, self-locking feed gate latch eliminates unreliable mechanical latches, automatically locking the gate and not allowing it to be opened until the cycle is complete
Indeed, the arrival of The Gates was trumpeted by a characteristically art-averse mainstream media--which devoted an unprecedented amount of airtime and column inches to covering every imaginable piece of minutiae related to the project--with a litany of jaw-dropping facts and figures sure to get even the most mild-mannered civil engineer hot: over 5,000 tons of steel for the gates' footings (10,580,000 pounds, to be exact, two-thirds the amount in the Eiffel Tower); 315,491 linear feet (60 miles) of vinyl tubing for their superstructures; 165,132 bolts and self-locking nuts; 116,389 miles of nylon thread woven into 1,067,330 square feet of rip-stop fabric and tailored into 7,500-odd fabric panels of varying widths; etc.
Home-based animal handling systems normally utilize self-locks, also known as self-locking manger stalls (Figure 4-1), where cows lock themselves in place upon returning to a manger full of fresh feed after being milked.