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Have self-locking functionality (hold the full clamping force of 18.5kN when power is off)
ChickenGuard (, who first created its automatic chicken coop door opener, is now releasing another product.The company'slatest invention has a design that allows a self-locking mechanism to be incorporated which prevents predator claws lifting coop doors, and ChickenGuard says itis the world's first self-locking chicken coop door
Engineered for small business applications and easy to operate, the cost-effective PopLok VS automatic tray former erects self-locking corrugated and paperboard trays, with or without a lid.
Self-locking doors and scales that test your BMI also featured.
Their SmartLOX Cervical Plate System incorporates a proprietary Nitinol self-locking mechanism, which provides visual, audible, and tactile confirmation of the cervical screw locking.
A self-locking rotor system provides confidence that the rotor is automatically and securely locked, and the Stat Light bar allows users to personalize and monitor the status of the instrument from across the lab.
* M224: Tighten the self-locking screw and nuts to 10 + 2 lb-ft (13.6 + 2.7 N x m).
The newest series of alerts targets shoulder harnesses, carburetor icing, ELTs, unsecured items in the cockpit, and fiber self-locking nuts.
Because of the self-locking feature of the friction drive, the motor can hold position without consuming any power.
of torque, coupled with a five-speed sequential gearbox and two self-locking differentials.
Due to their self-locking properties at rest, they provide better long-term stability than conventional motor/lead screw stages.
Wormetary gear motors can be designed to be non-backdrivable or self-locking and are offered with overall gear reduction ratios ranging from 22.5:1 to 35,000:1, with peak torque capability up to 320 N m (2,832 in.-lbs.).