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SEMI-One Half (Prefix)
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burc, Kandemir, BekirTanay, Semi- Topological Groups with Respect to Semi continuity and irresoluteness, J.
A sampling of topics: principles of microstructural formation in semi- solid metal processing, development of heat resistant Mg-Al-Ca based alloys for casting and semi-solid forming, variable-runner system for family mold filling balance, investigation on fracture mechanism of A356 during thixo-forging, semisolid roll casting of aluminum alloy strip and its properties, continuous fabrication of sound semi-solid slurry for rheoforming, numerical simulation of mold filling in rheo- diecasting process of semi-solid magnesium alloys, viscosity-shear rate relationship during the thixoforming of HP9/4/30 steel, and hot compressive deformation of rheocast AZ31 magnesium alloy.