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SCLSupported Community Living
SCLSeaboard Coast Line
SCLStudent Centered Learning (various locations)
SCLSemiconductor Laser
SCLSisters of Charity of Leavenworth (Leavenworth, KS)
SCLSeattle City Light (WA, USA utility)
SCLStraight Carapace Length (turtles)
SCLStuff Christians Like (blog)
SCLSource Code Library (computing)
SCLSpam Confidence Level (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook)
SCLSystem Control Language
SCLSpam Confidence Level
SCLSerial Clock Line
SCLSpeech Communication Laboratory
SCLSpacecraft Command Language
SCLSerial Command Link
SCLSoap Control Language
SCLSms Compose Language
SCLSelective Clear
SCLScreen Control Language
SCLSociety of Construction Law
SCLStandard C Library (computing)
SCLSmiles Change Lives (Kansas City, MO)
SCLShreve, Crump & Low (Boston, MA)
SCLSymptom Check List
SCLSaint Catherine Laboure (various locations)
SCLStudent and Campus Life (various schools)
SCLSantiago, Chile - Aeropuerto Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez (Airport Code)
SCLStructural Composite Lumber
SCLScientific Computing Laboratory (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Serbia)
SCLSupply Chain and Logistics Institute (Georgia Institute of Technology)
SCLSupply Chain Leadership
SCLSalivary Cortisol Level
SCLSpecified Cantilever Load (suspension insulators)
SCLSoft Contact Lens
SCLSumma Cum Laude
SCLSouthern California Library (Los Angeles, CA)
SCLSystem Control Language (used with VME operating system)
SCLSubstation Configuration Language
SCLSource Code Location
SCLSurface Charge Layer
SCLState Chemistry Laboratory (various locations)
SCLShort Circuit Line
SCLSOAP Contract Language (Microsoft)
SCLScalable Computing Laboratory (US DoE and Ames Laboratory)
SCLSimulation Control Language
SCLStudent Computer Lab (various schools)
SCLSpring Creek Lodge (Montana)
SCLSpace Charge Limited
SCLSociety for Computers & Law (UK)
SCLSmart Card Logon
SCLSpecial Comprehensive License
SCLShibuya City Lounge (Tokyo, Japan)
SCLScanner Control Language
SCLSchool Community Leadership
SCLSussex County League (UK)
SCLSingle Control Lever
SCLSociety for Caribbean Linguistics (Trinidad & Tobago)
SCLSulfur, Chlorine and Lead (extreme pressure additive)
SCLScientific Computers Limited
SCLSprayed Concrete Lining (construction)
SCLShaped Charge Liner
SCLStromal Cell Line
SCLStandard Component Library (computing)
SCLSecurity Characteristic Line
SCLShoghi Communications Ltd. (defense systems; various locations)
SCLState Chapter Leader (various organizations)
SCLSimple Common Logic (modeling language for ontology development)
SCLSoutheastern Composers' League
SCLSecurity Certification Level
SCLStar Cruises, Ltd. (Hong Kong)
SCLStructured Cooperative Learning (curriculum)
SCLSource Coupled Logic
SCLStructural Constraint Language (computer programming)
SCLSyncrude Canada Limited (Alberta, Canada)
SCLSide Coupled Linac
SCLSchool Club Link (various locations)
SCLSystem Clock Line
SCLStandard Conventional Load
SCLSwitch Control Logic
SCLSpacecraft Control Language
SCLSoft Competitive Learning (network)
SCLSenior Cadet Leader (USAF ROTC)
SCLSwitch to Computer Link
SCLStress Checklist
SCLSenior Citizens' League
SCLSoftware Control Language
SCLSpace Component Lifetime
SCLStandard Configuration Load
SCLSelectively Cross Linked
SCLSecondary Chemistry Lab
SCLSystem Communications Link (Cisco)
SCLSodium Chemistry Loop
SCLStrain Compensated Layer
SCLSoil Cleanup Level
SCLSave A Cat League
SCLSomatic Cell Logarithmic (Transformation)
SCLSignal Corps Laboratory (US Army)
SCLSprint Conference Line
SCLSatellite Consulting Ltd (UK)
SCLStudent of the Civil Law
SCLSponsorship Consulting Limited (UK)
SCLStandard Classification List
SCLStandard Combat Load
SCLSymbolic Correction Loader
SCLSite Concurrence Letter
SCLSegment Communications Ltd. (UK)
SCLSnake Creek Lasers, LLC (Hallstead, PA)
SCLSystems Component List
SCLState Cleanup Level
SCLStrategic Consultants Ltd
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The analyst forecast global semiconductor laser market to grow at a CAGR of 7.
Through the deal, which serves II-VI's strategy focused on broad participation in laser systems, the buyer adds complementary semiconductor laser technology with application in industry-leading laser system products, it said.
with its advanced technical strength in the development of projector engines using laser scan technology, it will be possible to quickly develop a commercial version of the projector module using the RGB semiconductor laser light source module.
But recent advances in power efficiency, design and high temperature functionality have pushed this class of semiconductor lasers closer to real-world utility.
Rohm said it hopes to develop lamps that use less than one-10th of the electricity needed for florescent lights by using semiconductor lasers, which change electricity into light efficiently.
Chapter 7 looks into the future of semiconductor lasers and suggests areas of material and device improvements.
In general, the output power of semiconductor lasers decreases as the laser chip temperature rises.
By introducing new techniques and improving the entire semiconductor laser production process, including structural design, crystal growth, wafer processing, and electrode configuration, the partners were able to develop a true green semiconductor laser with an optical output power of more than 100 mW at a wavelength of 530 nm.
This newly-developed ultra high-output, ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser light source is capable of using a nonlinear optical process known as two-photon absorption(6), which occurs only as a result of high intensity optical pulses.
Last year, a team of Japanese researchers announced that it had developed gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor laser diodes that provide a continuous output of blue light at room temperature.
The top metalization of the semiconductor laser chip is broken up into several segments, allowing for nonuniform electrical pumping of the structure.
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