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SEMSSun, Earth, Moon System
SEMSSelf-Expandable Metallic Stent
SEMSStandardized Emergency Management System
SEMSStandard Embarkation Management System (US DoD)
SEMSSteel Enterprise Management System (Steelman)
SEMSScrew and Washer Assemblies
SEMSStudent Emergency Medical Services (various universities)
SEMSSupport Enforcement Management System (Washington State child support enforcement system)
SEMSSoftware Engineering Management System
SEMSSpace Environment Monitor System
SEMSSafety & Environmental Management System
SEMSSecurity Event Management System
SEMSSystem Engineering Master Schedule
SEMSSupport Equipment Management System
SEMSStud Elongation Measurement System
SEMSStandard machine screw with lock washer
SEMSStandard Embarkation Data System
SEMSShared Extended Memory Segment
SEMSShip/Submarine Environment & Missile Simulation (Tomahawk missile simulation used by the US Navy)
SEMSScott Emergency Management System
SEMSSpecial Education Master of Science
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The average annual number of SEMS inserted at our institution over the past five years has been 96 patients.
Silicone stents are used in both malignant and benign conditions whereas SEMS are used for the treatment of malignancies but avoided for benign airway disorders especially for totally uncovered SEMS.
We set out to show that the purely endoscopic technique of SEMS placement is a safe and effective alternative in the palliation of malignant dysphagia.
In this paper, we have proposed SEMS which have emerged as an effective tool for saving energy.
offshore safety framework work to assure that SEMS is actually
The absence of peritoneal carcinomatosis and multiple small bowel strictures is a key point for the clinical success of duodenal SEMS.
Estas acciones demuestran la intencion de la SEMS de poner especial atencion en el proceso de adopcion de la innovacion a traves de los programas de capacitacion, el diseno de materiales, actividades de evaluacion, certificacion y la investigacion sobre las modalidades a distancia y mixta en las que se ofrecen los programas de capacitacion.
These data demonstrate that percutaneously placed SEMS achieve satisfactory palliation with a low complication rate in a highrisk patient group with advanced malignant biliary obstruction.
THE SEMS ORGANISERS, Jean Jack and Gladys Christie, Jackie Anderson, North Shields.
TRW will help the Air Force Weather Agency maintain its role as the operator's top choice for aerospace weather information," said Al Ronn, TRW's AFWA SEMS program manager in Omaha, Neb.
To pass along the secrets of safety success developed in DuPont's internal organization, SEMS offers a complete range of products and services that provide other companies with the capability of improving workplace safety, environmental behaviour and overall business performance.