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SENDSpecial Educational Needs and Disability (First Tier Tribunal; Education Act of 1993; Darlington, UK)
SENDSoutheast Neighborhood Development
SENDStandard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data
SENDStolen Equipment National Database (UK)
SENDSearch Engine for NAL (National Aerospace Laboratory) Database (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
SENDSimple, Effective, Necessary, Done (successful email)
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And Miss Polly wouldn't send the jelly herself, would she?
an' her sayin' she wouldn't send him no jelly, too.
Stay where you are, then; you are not in anybody's way; I do not mind your being here, no more do any of the others, and when Telemachus comes home he will give you a shirt and cloak and will send you wherever you want to go.
He would put me in prison, and would have all of you murdered; keep your own counsel therefore; buy your merchandise as fast as you can, and send me word when you have done loading.
Machines send out their own mapping, and each retains a table of mappings.
In 2002 it positioned itself in the Spanish market as a strong competitor to the remittance agencies, launching a creative initiative known as multichannel transfers that allow a customer to send money not only via the bank itself by also through ATMs (using a special envelope for remittances) and by text message from a cellular phone.
King says you should send out press releases only when something newsworthy is happening in your company.
A benefit of using Mail Merge to send a large number of customized e-marls is the increased security that comes from sending each message individually rather than as part of a group.
Go and make disciples of all nations," and "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves .