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SNDGSouthern National Disc Golf (tournament; various locations)
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Once or twice every year a state inspector would come wandering through the packing plants, asking a child here and there how old he was; and so the packers were very careful to comply with the law, which cost them as much trouble as was now involved in the boss's taking the document from the little boy, and glancing at it, and then sending it to the office to be filed away.
Sending for the clothes gained some delay, but not enough.
She's all the time sending messages to BB, and to soldiers and Injuns and whatnot, and to the animals.
I have pretty effectually throttled these errors by sending him the following demonstrated facts:
If these men ain't frauds, they won't object to sending for that money and letting us keep it till they prove they're all right -- ain't that so?
Have I ever been stingy of cuffs or kisses for you since the day you stood in this room and I took you for Tom Sawyer and blessed God for sending you to me, though you told me four thousand lies and I believed every one of them like a simpleton?
Rebecca had heard the news of its arrival, but waited until nearly dark before asking permission to go to the Simpsons', so that she might see the gorgeous trophy lighted and sending a blaze of crimson glory through its red crepe paper shade.
I was kept in this way about one week, at the end of which, Captain Auld, my master, to my surprise and utter astonishment, came up, and took me out, with the intention of sending me, with a gentleman of his acquaintance, into Alabama.
Emma allowed her father to talkbut supplied her visitors in a much more satisfactory style, and on the present evening had particular pleasure in sending them away happy.
Don't get in the habit of sending out a press release every month or every few weeks.
Yet fees to wire money to Mexico have already been cut in half since the late 1990s through increased competition, and with some banks preparing to erase entirely the costs of sending money for account holders, the future battle--if there is to be one--will most likely be over creating funding streams for community investment in Mexico or in Mexican immigrant communities in the U.
would have to know about prime numbers, the laws of physics, even music appreciation, to decipher what we're sending.
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