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SNDGSouthern National Disc Golf (tournament; various locations)
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The immigrants gathered in the multipurpose room tonight--like immigrants across the country--have all invested in their communities of origin, whether through supporting local development projects or simply sending money home to care for aging relatives.
5 percent of public-school teachers are sending their children to private schools, versus 12.
Do Not Fax" requests: If a recipient requests that someone stop sending unsolicited advertisements, the sender must comply promptly, even if there is an established business relationship or permission to fax.
Connection filtering techniques identify spam by checking characteristics of the sending server and information presented by the sending server before it begins to transfer mail.
At a penny per e-mail, for instance, sending 1 million messages would cost $10,000.
com will not assist you in sending unsolicited advertising and it is not liable for any damages caused by such actions.
It seems plausible," he says, "that if other beings are sending a transmission, in a sense they are practicing altruism," perhaps in the hope of getting a message and information back in return someday.
Beyond sending business thank you cards, remember specific days and events throughout the year, such as work anniversaries or milestones, birthdays and holidays with business greetings.
Sherman charged that since Republicans control all the House committees, they have an unfair advantage in swaying voters by sending mail that Democrats cannot.
The old style was characterized by marketers sending masses of inquiries to potential customers via snail mail, phone and fax, with the hope that some people will buy.
In Virginia, for example, the penalty for sending more than 10,000 unsolicited e-mail messages in one day is a prison sentence ranging from one to five years along with the relinquishment of any profits and assets related to those fraudulent activities.
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