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SOHSound of Hope (radio network)
SOHSense Of Humor (used in personal ads)
SOHSave Our Homes (Amendment)
SOHSafety and Occupational Health (USACE)
SOHSouth of Heaven
SOHSection Overhead
SOHSystematized Organizational Hardware
SOHSystem Overhead
SOHStatement of Health
SOHSecretary of Housing (US)
SOHSection Overhead (SONET)
SOHSydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)
SOHSociety of Homeopaths
SOHState Of Health
SOHStart of Heading
SOHSoldiers of Heaven
SOHSnyder's of Hanover (bakery)
SOHSecretariat of Health
SOHStart Of Header
SOHSome Old Hippie
SOHSit on Hands
SOHStock On Hand
SOHSchool of Hospitality (various locations)
SOHSentara Obici Hospital (Suffolk, VA)
SOHStraits of Hormuz
SOHSignal Overhead (SONET)
SOHSoldiers of Honor (gaming)
SOHSons of Hodir (World of Warcraft)
SOHSurvivors of Homicide
SOHStaff Officer's Handbook (various organizations)
SOHSiege of Hate (band)
SOHSports Olympiques de Houilles (French: Houilles Olympic Sports; sports club; est. 1929)
SOHShores of Hazeron (game)
SOHScientific Observation Hole
SOHStart of Overhaul
SOHStoughton Opera House (Stoughton, WI)
SOHSaviors of Humor (gaming clan)
SOHSignificant Other Half
SOHSaints of Hell
SOHSpace on Hire (India)
SOHSine is Opposite divided by Hypotenuse (trigonometry)
SOHSo Over Him/Her
SOHSepia Officinalis Hemocyanin
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This is in line with the pertinent literature that suggests use of adaptive humor as a defense mechanism for coping with stress whereby individuals may restructure negative life situations more optimistically in comparison with their counterparts with a low sense of humor.
A healthy sense of humor is also one of the most effective stress busters available helping people distance themselves from their workplace stressors maintain a more balanced perspective and overcome obstacles.
You have lost your sense of humor,'' she said, "and you need to get it back.
Keywords: Sense of humor, creativity level, sociability
However, despite occurring universally, there exists little research examining cross-cultural differences in humor, whether the use of humor and its production or trait humor as encapsulated by the term, sense of humor.
Then we should also look at the quality of that humor: Is the sense of humor dry?
A PM has to be able to weather those changes without losing his patience, sense of humor, or capability to get the job done.
Highly recommended to all intrigued with the Australian culture and its creative sense of humor, Marking The Land is a work of enduring value that will be appreciated by generations of readers.
Related to this is a failure to display very often the sense of humor that his friends all say he has.
1) Perhaps therapists are making a similar mistake by undervaluing the power of a sense of humor as an ingredient in sobriety.
She says that having a sense of humor has helped weather this ordeal.
ALBERT EINSTEIN: A BIOGRAPHY focuses on the man as much as his science, considering his human weaknesses, his charm, sense of humor, and life.