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SENTSentier (French: Path; Canada Post street designation)
SENTSingle Edge Nibble Transmission (automotive applications)
SENTScripted Entity (gaming)
SENTSpecial Educational Needs Tribunal (UK)
SENTSanté Environnement Toxicologie (French: Sun Health, Environment Toxicology)
SENTSouth East New Territories (Hong Kong)
SENTSingle-Edge Notched Tensile
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This is Benjie, from Norris Green, sent | |in by Katie Mahon
2 : to set in motion by physical force <The hitter sent the ball out of the ballpark.
Those who opt to can have event notices and guest speaker information sent directly in text format to the cell phone instead.
It was much simpler to implement and the centralized switch needed no intelligence--it simply sent out data to everyone when it received data in.
More than half of the money sent by migrants living in Spain goes to Latin American destinations.
anti-spam legislation (CANSPAM) that took effect January 1, 2004, has had little effect on reducing the amount of junk e-mail (spare) that is being sent at an ever-growing rate.
It is "the great turning point in history," said Barth, when the temporary restriction of going only to "the house of Israel" (Mt 10:5) before Jesus' death is lifted after the resurrection and the apostles are sent to "make disciples of all nations.
A large portion of the spam sent daily is sent using an open relay to help spammers hide their identities.
One of his colleagues and I convinced him to take it seriously by ganging up on him: For a week we both sent him a copy of every piece of junk we received.
Emails that should never have been sent in the first place, or were at the very least not time-sensitive, could be re-routed to a "third-class" electronic postal system that would deliver the communications several days after they were sent.