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SRPSuggested Retail Price
SRPSalt River Project (utility company)
SRPSummer Reading Program (various locations)
SRPSignal Recognition Particle
SRPSearch Results Page
SRPSingle Responsibility Principle (object oriented programming)
SRPSoluble Reactive Phosphorus
SRPScaling and Root Planing (dental procedure)
SRPSam Rainsy Party (Cambodia)
SRPScience Research Program (Singapore)
SRPSeparation and Purification (vaccines)
SRPSession Request Protocol (OTG)
SRPShelf Ready Packaging
SRPSecure Resource Partitions
SRPSpecialized Resource Report
SRPSoftware Rapid Prototype
SRPSoftware Restriction Policy
SRPScsi Rdma Protocol
SRPSimple Registrar Protocol
SRPSampling Rotational Program
SRPScript File
SRPSysteme Renault Pour Protection
SRPSource Routing Protocol
SRPSystem for Restraint and Protection
SRPSecurity Rollup Package
SRPSpatial Reuse Protocol
SRPSecure Remote Password
SRPSystem Restore Point
SRPStandard Retail Price
SRPSpatial Reuse Protocol (Cisco)
SRPService Resource Planning
SRPScientific Review Panel
SRPSecurity Rollup Package (Microsoft)
SRPSociety for Research in Psychopathology (est. 1985; Ithaca, NY)
SRPSwitch Route Processor
SRPStratégie de Réduction de La Pauvreté (French: Strategy for Poverty Reduction; various organizations)
SRPSoldier Readiness Processing
SRPSociety for Radiological Protection (UK)
SRPService Release Premium
SRPShanghai Restoration Project (band)
SRPStrategic Research Plan (various organizations)
SRPShareholder Rights Plan (corporations)
SRPSoftware Restriction Policy (Microsoft)
SRPSystematic Review Process (revision)
SRPStanford Research Park (California; est. 1951)
SRPSociety of Recorder Players (UK)
SRPSchool Readiness Program
SRPStream Restoration Project (North Carolina)
SRPSoldier Readiness Program
SRPSeismic Retrofit Program (bridges; California)
SRPShort Range Plan
SRPSupplemental Retirement Program (various organizations)
SRPStructural Reform Program (various locations)
SRPScientific Research Permit (US NOAA)
SRPSubstantial Research Paper (education)
SRPStatutory Redundancy Pay
SRPSocial Responsibility Policy (various organizations)
SRPSCSI Remote Protocol (InfiniBand)
SRPState Reserve Police
SRPStandard Review Plan
SRPSelected Reference Point (aviation)
SRPService Related Problem
SRPState Registered Physiotherapist (UK)
SRPSijil Rendah Pelajaran (Malaysia education)
SRPSurgical Reversal of Presbyopia
SRPSeaward Recovery Point (US DoD)
SRPSpecial Recreation Permit (Bureau of Land Management; US DOI)
SRPSummer Residential Program (various schools)
SRPSpreading Resistance Profiling
SRPScholarship and Recognition Programs
SRPSealift Reserve Program (US DoD)
SRPSenior Review Panel (various organizations)
SRPSocially Responsible Procurement
SRPStrategic Regional Plan (various organizations)
SRPSeat Reference Point
SRPSamoobrona Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Polish: Polish Republic Self-Defense)
SRPShip Risk Profile (ship inspection)
SRPSystem for Restraint and Protection (Renault)
SRPSecure Remote Passwords (protocol)
SRPStream Reservation Protocol (Ethernet protocol enhancement)
SRPSchuylkill River Park (Philadelphia, PA)
SRPStack Resource Policy
SRPSchizophrenia Research Program (University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
SRPSucker Rod Pump
SRPSeabird Restoration Program (National Audubon Society)
SRPSealift Readiness Program
SRPSpecial Review Procedure (environment)
SRPSleep-Related Problem
SRPSingle Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) Reconnaissance Plan (US DoD)
SRPScan Reflectance Profile
SRPSustained Readiness Program
SRPStudieretningsprojekt (Danish high schools)
SRPSuperior Radiant Products (Ontario, Canada)
SRPSpill Response Plan
SRPStudent Representative Program (Canada)
SRPShip/Submarine Recycling Program
SRPSelf-Reliance Program (various locations)
SRPService de La Recherche et de La Prospective (French: Research and Foresight Service; est. 2007)
SRPSoftware Reuse Program
SRPStockpile Reliability Program (Assess reliability and service life of tactical missile stockpile)
SRPStreet Reconstruction Plan (Minnesota)
SRPSelective Reenlistment Program
SRPSyndicat des Résidents de Paris
SRPSuper Resin Polish (Autoglym)
SRPStrain Range Partitioning
SRPSocijalisticka Radnicka Partija Hrvatske (Socialist Workers Party of Croatia)
SRPStrategic Re-Engineering Program (investment banking)
SRPServer Relay Protocol
SRPSilk Road Project
SRPStrategic Reference Point
SRPStandard Repair Procedure
SRPSpinal Reflex Potentiation (biology)
SRPSpares and Repair Parts
SRPServer Router Protocol (BlackBerry)
SRPStacja Redukcyjno-Pomiarowa (Polish: Gas Pressure Reduction Station)
SRPService Request Processor
SRPSection Roazhon Pariz
SRPSulphate Removal Plant
SRPSpreading Resistance Profilometry
SRPSpace Radiation Project (NASA)
SRPStandard Reference Point
SRPSafeguard Readiness Posture
SRPServer Requester Protocol
SRPStream Reassembly Processor
SRPService Request Packet
SRPScheduled Region Pre-Fetching
SRPSensor Reporting Post
SRPSoftware Rapid Prototypes
SRPShared Resource Processor
SRPSub-Rate Processor
SRPSegment Receivers PLA (Plain Language Address)
SRPSpecial Repair Procedure
SRPSavanna River Plant
SRPSCSI (Small Computer System Interface) RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) Protocol
SRPStern Reference Point
SRPSpace Station Review Panel (NASA)
SRPSystems Review Program
SRPSingle Rotating Propeller
SRPScalable Resource Protocol
SRPSwitching Rate Protection (Tadiran)
SRPStephen Randall Photography (UK)
SRPStrategic Readiness Panel
SRPSignificant Relevant Point (exams)
SRPSynchronous Reactive Programming (computer programming paradigm)
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A review of the preoperative and postoperative month 3 and 12 resistance values (rhinomanometry) of the patients showed that decrease was achieved in nasal inspirium resistance values in 20 patients in the first year after functional aesthetic septorhinoplasty procedures.
33,34) Indeed, Courtney et al studied 324 patients and found that patients treated with local anesthesia had a significantly higher rate of subsequent septorhinoplasty than did patients treated with local anesthesia.
The patient underwent an open septorhinoplasty to remove the hump.
Our exclusion criteria were a previous nasal fracture or sinonasal surgery, including sinus surgery and septorhinoplasty, and age less than 16 years (for the purposes of this study, potential subjects aged 16 or 17 years were considered to be adults).
Septorhinoplasty is the most difficult and complicated of facial plastic surgery procedures because of the complex interrelationships of the various anatomic structures.
Closure of septal perforations: A simplified method via the extemal septorhinoplasty approach.
In evaluating patients with nasoseptal deformities, chronic rhinitis, hay fever, acute or chronic sinusitis, nasal allergy, scarring from burns or trauma, Bell's palsy, stroke, senile atrophic changes of upper and lower cartilages and nasal muscles, and other disorders that can affect function of the nasal valve, a surgeon may suggest septorhinoplasty, implants, or suspension sutures to relieve obstructed nasal breathing.
Five of these patients underwent corrective UPPP; 3 of them also underwent concomitant septoplasty and 1 underwent septorhinoplasty.
1) In the latter case, collapse is often caused by over-resection of the nasal dorsum and upper lateral cartilages during septorhinoplasty.
open septorhinoplasty, turbinoplasty, external valve surgery with alar batten grafts, and/or internal valve surgery with spreader grafts with or without composite skin/cartilage grafts).
In those patients who do not achieve satisfactory results, open reduction and traditional septorhinoplasty can be performed at a later date.