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SEQUELStructured English QUEry Language
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The thing is common in that fishery; and in the sequel of the narrative, it will then be seen what like abandonment befell myself.
Her companions first set about fully reviving her with a little liquor, and then Sir Francis narrated to her what had passed, dwelling upon the courage with which Phileas Fogg had not hesitated to risk his life to save her, and recounting the happy sequel of the venture, the result of Passepartout's rash idea.
She had been forced into prudence in her youth, she learned romance as she grew older: the natural sequel of an unnatural beginning.
"Need I tell you the sequel? Called upon to choose between the course indicated by a physician who is making his five thousand a year, and who is certain of the next medical baronetcy, and the advice volunteered by an obscure general practitioner at the East End of London, who is not making his five hundred a year--need I stop to inform you of her ladyship's decision?
Besides, since yesterday I have experienced the excitement of a person to whom a tale has been half- told, and who is impatient to hear the sequel."
"Half-an-hour ago," he pursued, "I spoke of my impatience to hear the sequel of a tale: on reflection, I find the matter will be better managed by my assuming the narrator's part, and converting you into a listener.
Coan has styled his'anxious paradise,' 'Typee' ends, and its sequel, 'Omoo,' begins.
The success of his first volume encouraged Melville to proceed in his work, and 'Omoo,' the sequel to 'Typee,' appeared in England and America in l847.
Although gongshangpu was generally thought to be an ancient notation used to notate state sacrificial music, it was usually employed in theoretical writings, and only in the Sequel does this system actually notate music intended for performance.
Suggested sequel: Same plot but for realistic depiction of 2009 poverty, the film is set in a London bank.
That might be a stretch, seeing how GM has not publicly said it will PRODUCE the Chevrolet Sequel by 2010, rather it will have the technologies under the skin validated and priced for production intent by that time.
The Sequel has a "skateboard" chassis architecture that houses the entire powertrain and running gear within a relatively thin under-structure.