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SEQSouth East Queensland (Australia)
SEQSystème d'Evaluation de la Qualité (French: System of Quality Assessment; water analysis)
SEQSociété d'Entomologie du Québec (French: Entomological Society of Quebec; Canada)
SEQSenior Enlisted Quarters
SEQSécurité Environnement Qualité (French: Environment Quality Safety; various organizations)
SEQSmart Equities Conference
SEQShort Essay Question
SEQScience and Engineering Quadrangle (Stanford University; California)
SEQStigmatisation and Eczema Questionnaire
SEQStudents for Environmental Quality (Bellport High School; Brookhaven, NY)
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To ask why such-and-such a kind of sequence occurs is either to ask a meaningless question, or to demand some more general kind of sequence which includes the one in question.
He could hire young help with great ease, in con- sequence of this reputation.
Thus, a standardized and qualified system is required for rapid nucleic acid sequence determination for newly emerging viruses.
The sequence of structures is usually contained in the same message, as we have shown in the second route.
Chemical stimulation of neurons containing the human sequence yielded much more prodynorphin than did stimulation of cells containing the chimp sequence.
To develop such high-density genetic maps, studies have focused on the identification of single-nucleotide substitutions because they are the most abundant form of sequence variation in the human genome (Cooper et al.
This summary volume is divided into two parts, the first dealing with basic concepts and the ubiquitous jargon (including 9 chapters, 175 pages), and the second presenting practical applications of sequence stratigraphy to several clastic depositional systems (including 4 chapters, 55 pages), with a short, 2-page Conclusion.
As our technology is the first that was intentionally designed to sequence whole genomes, we are confident that having this license from a technology leader such as Pyrosequencing AB will ensure our first- mover advantage," added Dr.
Mitochondrial DNA differs from nuclear DNA in its location, its quantity in the cell, its mode of inheritance, and its sequence.
Figure 1 shows the initial gray iron charge sequence for the melting furnaces along with the respective melting temperatures for the materials.
Davies must have filing cabinets full of articles about the competition between the government and Celera, and the potential uses of sequence data.
If these by-products are not removed, they can result in shorter sequence read lengths and what scientists refer to as dye blobs, making it difficult to accurately interpret results or obtain high quality data.