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SEQSouth East Queensland (Australia)
SEQSystème d'Evaluation de la Qualité (French: System of Quality Assessment; water analysis)
SEQSociété d'Entomologie du Québec (French: Entomological Society of Quebec; Canada)
SEQSenior Enlisted Quarters
SEQSécurité Environnement Qualité (French: Environment Quality Safety; various organizations)
SEQSmart Equities Conference
SEQShort Essay Question
SEQScience and Engineering Quadrangle (Stanford University; California)
SEQStigmatisation and Eczema Questionnaire
SEQStudents for Environmental Quality (Bellport High School; Brookhaven, NY)
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The automaker has used fewer parts in the system than earlier sequential turbos.
This study aimed to evaluate whether the sequential applications of slashing and glyphosate is effective to provide good control of drought grass.
CEASE (Complete Elimination of the Autistic Spectrum Expression) is another protocol that uses sequential homeopathy.
Comparisons between the nonsequential and sequential groups were analyzed using the Mann–Whitney U -test.
15 divided by the volume weighted average price of Sequential common stock during the five-day period ending on the trading day immediately prior to closing.
Though there is a fairly large literature on the topic of bidder strategies in auctions, there is a paucity of published research addressing the question of intertemporal adjustments in sequential auction reservation prices.
As such, USB's net interest margin remained stable relative to the sequential quarter at 3.
SeQuential Biofuels won the Emerald Award for Innovation in 2006.
Acevedo was hesitant to advocate for singular and immediate adoption of sequential lineup procedures.
At the cost of maintaining a summary data structure, the interactive approach performs several orders of magnitude faster than most sequential pattern mining algorithms.
3) Because this is a sequential game with perfect information, we can eliminate obvious causes for changes in the behavior of third players such as the resolution of strategic and/or payoff uncertainty.
The Sequential collection was initially influenced by the landscape," says Redfern.
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