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SERAPHScientific Experimentation, Research and Application to Paranormal Humans (MMOG game)
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A month before the end of the war reporting restrictions were slackened and an unusual story emerged in early April, 1945, concerning HMS Seraph under the headline "German U-Boat, Submarine Collided Under Sea".
The namesake of the CD, Asteria (stars) by Catherine McMichael, was written presumably for the women of Seraph. Three constellations of mythical women are the titles and musical depictions of the movements.
Based in Dublin, Seraph Aviation Management is a provider of aircraft management services.
Seraph Brass, a five-piece ensemble founded by international trumpet soloist Mary Elizabeth Bowden, draws from a roster of distinguished female musicians.
Douglas Haig, managing director of Cardiff-based Seraph Property Management, said: "This is a real feather in the cap for us.
While ExThera's immediate focus is on therapeutic applications in high-risk populations such as patients undergoing dialysis, Seraph also has the potential for other applications that could offer far-reaching global impact, such as treatment for drug-resistant "superbugs," and the purification of blood for use by blood banks, which are increasingly vulnerable to the growing threat of emerging pathogens.
The Seraph blood filter, now fully developed and about to enter clinical trials, is a broad-spectrum "hemoperfusion" device with a demonstrated ability to bind and remove various disease-causing agents.
Buyer: Seraph Group, Reddy Capital Partners , X/Seed Capital Partners
It probably doesn't help to note that the term seraphim, depicting a particular order of angel, comes from the same Hebrew root as seraph.
Mr Haig, managing director of Seraph Estates, had left Foord and another employee in charge of the office over the weekend while he attended his uncle's 60th birthday bash.
On her blog site '', Seraph offered to provide half-an-hour extra bondage time to any client who made a donation of 50 dollars towards The Hollie Stevens Medical Fund.
Car dealer Paul Cummings is selling the football legend's Silver Seraph at his showroom after being asked by Sir Bobby's widow Lady Elsie.