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SERENESafEty and Risk Evaluation using bayesian NEts
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Prince Andrew replied that he was not on his Serene Highness' staff but was himself a new arrival.
Denisov, having given his name, announced that he had to communicate to his Serene Highness a matter of great importance for their country's welfare.
Would not your Serene Highness like to come inside?
Kutiizov's adjutant whispered to Prince Andrew that this was the wife of the priest whose home it was, and that she intended to offer his Serene Highness bread and salt.
Sitting patient in the shadow Till the blessed light shall come, A serene and saintly presence Sanctifies our troubled home.
For the touch of grief will render My wild nature more serene, Give to life new aspirations, A new trust in the unseen.
A certain simplicity of thought is common to serene souls at both ends of the social scale.
She had developed these discoveries to the Assistant Commissioner with all the serene fearlessness of an old woman who had escaped the blight of indifference.
They stood for some moments, looking at the illuminated blinds, an expression to them both of something impersonal and serene in the spirit of the woman within, working out her plans far into the night-- her plans for the good of a world that none of them were ever to know.
In serene composure I await the honor and the happiness of your visit.
Just at this crisis, as though she comprehended all this agitation regarding herself, the moon shone forth with serene splendor, eclipsing by her intense illumination all the surrounding lights.
Good thing he likes bread so much,' Mommy Serene explains.