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SERSerial Number
SERSerbian (language)
SERSerine (amino acid)
SERSociaal Economische Raad (Dutch: Socio-Economic Council)
SERSociety for Ecological Restoration
SERSoutheast Region (NPS)
SERSoutheast Region
SERSIP Express Router
SERSyndicat des Energies Renouvelables (French: Renewable Energy Union; est. 1993)
SERSmooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
SERSymbol Error Rate (similar to BER)
SERSouth Eastern Railway
SERSafety Evaluation Report (US Department of Energy)
SERServicios Educativos Rurales (Spanish: Rural Education Service; Peru)
SERStatistical Error
SERSoft Error Rate (data storage/retrieval)
SERState Secretariat for Education and Research (Switzerland)
SERSociedad Española de Radiodifusión (Spanish Radio Society)
SERSociety for Epidemiologic Research
SERStructural Engineer of Record
SERSequence of Events Recorder
SERAsociacion Servicios Educativos Rurales (Spanish: Rural Educational Services Association; Peru)
SERSupination External Rotation (type of fracture)
SERSociedad de Educación y Rehabilitación (Spanish: Society for Education and Rehabilitation; Puerto Rico)
SERSurface Equivalente Radar (French: Radar Cross Section; stealth)
SERSentence Error Rate (machine translation evaluation)
SERSyndicat des Equipements de la Route (French: Union of Road Equipment)
SERService d'Economie Rurale (French: Department of Rural Economy; Luxembourg)
SERSocio-Economic Rehabilitation
SERSystem Evaluation Report
SERSpherical Equivalent Refraction
SERSequence of Events Recording
SERStudent Economic Review (journal; Trinity College Dublin)
SERStaples Easy Rebate
SERSatellite Equipment Room
SERFoundation for Subjective Experience and Research
SERSingle Electron Response (photomultiplier parameter)
SERSystems Engineering Report
SERSearch Engine Recognition
SERSouthern European Region
SERShemale Erotic Review
SERSociété d'Emulation de Roubaix (French: Society of Emulation of Roubaix; Nord, France)
SERSystem Evaluation Record
SERShore Establishment Realignment
SERSATCOM Equipment Report
SERSubscriber Edge Router (Shasta Networks)
SERSingle Event Upset Ratio
SERSoftware-Engineering Rodinger GmbH (Seligenstadt, Germany)
SERSystem Element Review
SERSystem Evolution Record
SERSimultaneous Electrolytic Recovery (gold processing)
SERSelected Early Release
SERSkin-Effect Range (microstrip lines)
SERSupport Equipment Requirements Sheet
SERSupportability Evaluation Report
SERSupport Equipment Requirement
SERSociété d'Evaluation Rwandaise
SERSociété d'Edition de Revue (French: Company Publishing Journal; various organizations)
SERSearch Engine Ranking (websites)
SERSu Eminencia Reverendísima (Spanish: His Eminence)
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For example, neutrophil granulocytes (a group of specialized white blood cells) react to bacteria by releasing substances called serine proteases.
We reconstituted the above desalted dabsyl racemic serine sample in 10 [micro]L DMF, from which we injected 3 [micro]L onto a Sumichiral OA 3200 (5 [micro]m, 2 by 250 mm) column (Sumika Chemical Analysis Service).
We believe we have assembled a world-class scientific team focused on drug discovery in a promising new field of cancer research on the serine protease gene family.
Similarly, right-handed serine clusters bound only to right-handed amino acids.
Lysine and serine, however, appear to be more effective at the higher pH.
The article "Phosphofructokinase 1 Glycosylation Regulates Cell Growth and Metabolism" was published in the August 24, 2012 issue of the journal Science, and the article "Small molecule activation of PKM2 in cancer cells induces serine auxotrophy" will be published in the September 21, 2012 issue of the journal Chemistry & Biology.
ABX-1431 was discovered with Abide's proprietary technology platform, which finds new small molecule drug candidates that target serine hydrolases, a large class of enzymes with important regulatory roles in human physiology and disease.
Protein phosphorylation is a post-translational modification of proteins in which a serine, a threonine, and/or tyrosine residue are phosphorylated by a protein kinase.
Previously discovered serine hydrolase-blocking compounds have been turned into drugs to treat obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease, and are currently in testing as treatments for pain, anxiety, and depression.
when phosphorylated at serine 118 (Ser118) in the N-terminal domain, but do not bind to ER .
We have found that all of the resistant strains carried mutations that give rise to the substitution of phenylalanine for serine at position 83 and asparagine for aspartic acid at position 87 in GyrA (2).
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