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"Why shouldn't she take me seriously?" he demanded sharply.
"Do you know?" said Pierre, as if suddenly struck by a happy thought, "seriously, I have long been thinking of it....
Am I to believe that you have never sought to recommend yourself particularly to Miss Smith?that you have never thought seriously of her?"
Hargrave and seriously afflicting poor Esther, who really values my society for want of better, and who ought not to suffer for the fault of her brother.
"There's nothing seriously wrong, is there, Reggie?" he asked.
"But seriously," said Sir James, whose vexation had not yet spent itself, "don't you think the Rector might do some good by speaking?"
Franklin, like Penelope, took the thing seriously. How seriously, you will understand, when I tell you that, in his opinion, "It" meant the Moonstone.
If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously. If you pretend to be bad, it doesn't.
She declined to understand him seriously. "Then the affairs of your parish are neglected--and I am to blame!" she said.
"Did not you ask me the question seriously" inquired the prince, in amazement.
He studied them seriously, while Lena looked over his shoulder, telling him she thought the red letters would hold their colour best.
Enfield only nodded his head very seriously, and walked on once more in silence.