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SERVESecure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment
SERVESouthEastern Regional Vision for Education
SERVESouth Eastern Regional Vision for Education
SERVESchool Enrichment Resource Volunteers in Education (Florida)
SERVEServing Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprise
SERVESociety for Enlightenment and Reorganisation of Village Ends
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Michael, out of love, would serve Steward, but Michael lorded it over the kinky-head.
First, it is well known that the prologue serves the critic for an opportunity to try his faculty of hissing, and to tune his cat-call to the best advantage; by which means, I have known those musical instruments so well prepared, that they have been able to play in full concert at the first rising of the curtain.
Ay, marry," said the messenger, "thou art a brave lad; but our good Sheriff hath offered fourscore angels of bright gold to whosoever shall serve the warrant upon Robin Hood; though little good will it do.
Could I but meet this same Robin Hood I would serve it upon his dainty body, and if he minded it not I would beat him till every one of his ribs would cry Amen.
Fourscore bright angels hath the Sheriff promised me if I serve the warrant upon the knave's body, and ten of them will I give to thee if thou showest me him.
No man shall see my warrant till I serve it upon yon fellow's own body.
Now, ill betide thee, traitor staff," cried Robin, as it fell from his hands; "a foul stick art thou to serve me thus in mine hour of need.
I will serve on board your vessels, because you do me the honor to take me with you; but I shall there serve a more powerful master than the king: I shall serve God
Predominant employment mode was identified as manufacturing by 48 percent of respondents claiming to serve a 25 percent rural or less rural community, while respondents who claimed a high percentage of ruralness in their community identified retail employment (40 percent) as predominant and manufacturing as secondary (33 percent).
Nationally, Melanie has been a member of the Teacher Enrichment Grant Committee, the College Faculty Forum and currently serves on the Editorial Committee.