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SVCSSuperior Vena Cava Syndrome
SVCSSaddleback Valley Christian Schools (California)
SVCSSusquehanna Valley Central School District (New York)
SVCSSilicon Valley Computer Society
SVCSSociedad Venezolana de la Ciencia del Suelo (Venezuelan Society of Soil Science)
SVCSSilicon Valley Computer Society (Santa Clara, CA)
SVCSSt. Vincent's Community Services
SVCSSecure Voice Communications Subsystem
SVCSSouthern Vermont Computer Services (Manchester Center, VT)
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I was able to do but very little service wherever I was to go, except it was to run of errands and be a drudge to some cookmaid, and this they told me of often, which put me into a great fright; for I had a thorough aversion to going to service, as they called it
In fine, without exchanging a word, they mounted and quitted the famous river, Don Quixote absorbed in thoughts of his love, Sancho in thinking of his advancement, which just then, it seemed to him, he was very far from securing; for, fool as he was, he saw clearly enough that his master's acts were all or most of them utterly senseless; and he began to cast about for an opportunity of retiring from his service and going home some day, without entering into any explanations or taking any farewell of him.
A sample of this is to be observed in the exaggerated and improbable suggestions which have taken place respecting the power of calling for the services of the militia.
thank God, we have got nothing to do with him, in this business of the Diamond; he had the longest tongue and the shortest temper of any man, high or low, I ever met with)--I say, I went into the service of the old lord, as page-boy in waiting on the three honourable young ladies, at the age of fifteen years.
The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good behavior, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.
We were successful in getting money enough so that on Thanksgiving Day of that year we held our first service in the chapel of Porter Hall, although the building was not completed.
This secret service for the enemy must hamper him a lot, but it's better than lying in a refuge.
Of the Latin words of the service they understood nothing; and of the Bible story they had only a very general impression.
I was resolved that the first words spoken in his presence should be words which expressed my intention to leave his service.
Out of gratitude for the favours you have done me, I procured information of the whole proceedings, and a copy of the articles; wherein I venture my head for your service.
All were silently crossing themselves, and the reading of the church service, the subdued chanting of deep bass voices, and in the intervals sighs and the shuffling of feet were the only sounds that could be heard.
It swept away the prejudice that telephone service could become nothing more than a neighborhood affair.
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