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SRVSocialist Republic of Vietnam
SRVService Corporation (funeral company; stock symbol)
SRVSimian Retrovirus
SRVSocial Role Valorization (Wolf Wolfensberger's The Principle of Normalization in Human Services)
SRVSport Recreation Vehicle
SRVSpecialisti in Radiologia Veterinaria
SRVSociété des Régates de Vannes (French: Regatta Society of Vannes; Vannes, France)
SRVStrasbourg Roller Vitesse (French: Strasbourg Speed Skating; Strasbourg, France)
SRVSaddle River Valley
SRVSpecial Reconnaissance Vehicle
SRVStorage and Retrieval Vehicles
SRVStore Receipt Voucher
SRVSequential Response Vector
SRVSaint-Rémy Vittel (French sports club)
SRVSecurity and Reconnaissance Vehicles
SRVSubmersible Rescue Vehicle
SRVSystem Requirement Verification (design phase)
SRVSurveillance Restoral Vehicle
SRVSewer Relief Vent
SRVStorage Ring Viewer (computing)
SRVSan Ramon Valley
SRVStevie Ray Vaughan
SRVSafety Relief Valve
SRVSubmarine Rescue Vehicle
SRVSmudge Resistant Vinyl (mouse pads)
SRVService Record (DNS)
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Currently serving as Adjutant and Treasurer of Chapter 1, Buffalo, N.
Fastabend is currently serving as director, concept development and experimentation, futures center, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Monroe, Va.
Community rehabilitation programs that typically specialized in serving one disability group are now increasingly serving diverse disability populations and have learned a great deal about differences in the needs of people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and those with physical disabilities.
tips to picture what recommended serving sizes should look like.
Believing that membership implies active participation and service, Vlasek has held many offices at the local level, in addition to seven years on the California State Board, currently serving as state president.
He also served on the board of the Orange County Performing Arts Center for nearly 10 years, serving as vice chair of finance for three years; and he served as a trustee of Irvine Barclay Theatre.
He was serving as an Army recruiter at the time of the accident.
Thibodeau has been active in IABC since 1995, serving on the district board.
This will handcuff the RP and produce a weak ball, which the serving team can put away if it does not win the point outright.
The gazpacho can be prepared ahead to this stage, but you may need to add more pineapple juice or flavorings before serving.
In 1930 Joe Kruger began serving the camp community through his involvement in ACA.
One of the dramatic changes in the rehabilitation services field over the last decade has been the emergence, rapid growth, and increasing importance of private sector for-profit (or "proprietary") rehabilitation providers serving people with disabilities and often financed by insurance firms and self-insured employers.