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He evidently had, for he was soon back with a funny little work-bag, out of which he produced a thimble without a top; and, having threaded his needle, he proceeded to sew on the buttons so handily that Rose was much impressed and amused.
All were busy at home, John absent till night, and nothing to do but sew, or read, or potter about.
I shall sew it on for you, my little man," she said, though he was tall as herself, and she got out her housewife [sewing bag], and sewed the shadow on to Peter's foot.
He noted the firm, efficient hands--hands that could control a horse like Bob, that could run a typewriter almost as fast as a man could talk, that could sew on dainty garments, and that, doubtlessly, could play on the piano over there in the corner.
Circle of Joy"--page 42) sleeps under quilts that her grandmother made, her head rests on pillowcases that her aunt embroidered, and her memories are of watching her mom and grandmother sew.
I never actually made a quilt, although I stitched squares together, but thanks to my morn, I started to sew.
I buy mine from a mail order catalog called Home Sew (1-800-344-4739) or homesew.