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SXRSrinagar, India (Airport Code)
SXRSoft X-Ray
SXRSex Reversal
SXRSkull X-Ray
SXRSpecification Exception Release
SXRSynergyXR (gaming clan)
SXRSumma Crossroads
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Sex reversal in female tadpoles of Rana sylvatica following the application of high temperature.
Physiological and molecular biological analyses in the future will be helpful to uncover the players involved in the process of natural sex differentiation or artificial sex reversal.
Since the masculinisation level was potent with letrozole treatment, our findings suggested that masculinising with commercially available letrozole (USP, Evalet[TM], India) could be a cheap method of inducing sex reversal in tilapia and common carp.
female sex reversal DSDs have unsettled the binary divide in
Growth and survival of tilapia Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) submitted to different temperatures during the process of sex reversal.
Sex reversal showed an increasing trend of crude protein and fat deposition as hormone (MT) concentration increased.
Production of ZZ females in the female-heterogametic black molly, Poecilia sphenops, by endocrine sex reversal and progeny testing.
Not many fishermen realize that groupers are so sophisticated that they have a social order with each female in a "pecking order" and that sex reversal, that is females turning into dominate males, occurs months before mating occurs typically by social selection.