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SFZStreet Fighter Zero (video game)
SFZSekretariat für Zukunftsforschung (German: Secretariat for Future Studies)
SFZSkandinavisk Forening for Zoneterapeuter (Danish: Scandinavian Association of Reflexologists)
SFZSforzando/Sforzato (Music)
SFZSpecial Free Zone (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
SFZSudanese Free Zones and Markets Co. (Sudan)
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Most recently the free zone signed of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Carmeuse Group of Belgium, a world leader in lime and lime-related products, to establish a $140m joint-venture production facility in SFZ.
Al Shanfari: increasing competitiveness According to Tabouk, talks are underway with a number of international investors from Europe and Asia that have shown a keen interest in SFZ's expansion to establish regional distribution and logistics centres in Salalah due to its competitive offering and global reach.
On July 28, the SFZ formally announced that the game would be played in Bratislava where Ireland drew 2-2 with Slovakia during the Euro 2008 qualifiers.
Ulrike Meinhold, graduate engineer of ophthalmic optics, vision therapist, SFZ Foerderzentrum gGmbH, Flemmingstr.
Miasoedov endorsed by the congress: Protokoly i stenograficheskie otchety zasedanii pervogo Vserossiiskogo s"ezda fabrikantov, zavodchikov i lits, interesuiushchikhsia otechestvennoiu promyshlennost'iu 1870 goda (hereafter SFZ 1870) (St.
This work has been supported by a University of Erlangen-Nurnberg scholarship (HWP) and by the Social Science Research Centre (SFZ) of the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg.
The zone is run by the Saadiyat Free Zone Authority (SFZ), whose chairman is Shaikh Hazaa' Bin Zayed, one of the bright sons from Shaikha Fatima.
These are; The Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation; Sudan Radio and TV; Sudan TV; Coptrade Engineering and Auto Services; National Cigarettes; National Electricity; Posts and telegraphs Corporation; Sudan Tea; Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Company; Sudanese Petroleum; Sugar and Distilling Industries, and the SFZ Company.
Inserts are available in SFZ grade in indexable and tapered forms.
2) presentan un rumbo variable entre E-W y N100[grados]-110[grados] y son caracterizadas por movimiento lateral izquierdo (SFZ Septentrional fault zone, EPGFZ Enriquillo Plantain Garden fault zone).
The score indicates muted viola with carefully placed and continually varying dynamic indications ranging from ppp to sfz along with coloristic devices such as sul ponticello teamed with regularly plucked and harmonic bell-like tones from the harp.