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SHALEStand-Off High Altitude Long Endurance (Aircraft)
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A consortium of state-owned companies, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), is being formed to undertake pilot projects to assess the cost of extracting shale gas and oil after identification of their massive reserves in potential areas.
A dedicated Shale gas and oil centre has been established at the Petroleum House, which is now open for all interested E and P companies,' official sources told reporter.
Estonia and China have well established oil shale industries, and Brazil, Germany, and Russia are also utilizing oil shale.
Shale gas will cost $10 per Million British Thermal Units.
A drop in oil and gas prices undermines the shale industry development.
Furthermore, the study addresses the changes in global reserves of fossil oil and shale oil and gas, and the ranking of countries according to global reserves.
The innovations in hydraulic fracking has caused a shale oil revolution in the US with output in 2015 expected to be greater than established oil-exporting countries such as Kuwait and Venezuela despite the fall in rig count.
The investment required to drill a shale gas well is almost the same as that for a CBM well, between $500,000 and $1m per well, depending on the depth required.
Arkansas has become the fourth-largest shale gas-producing state, accounting for 2.
In August, a senior energy official announced that Iran is cooperating with renowned German energy firms in its shale gas and oil projects.
The currently available evidence indicates that the potential risks to public health from exposure to emissions associated with the shale gas extraction process are low if operations are properly run and regulated," said John Harrison, director of PHE's centre for radiation, chemical and environmental hazards.