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SHAMSSmallholder Horticultural Activities Managed Sustainably (Egypt)
SHAMSSmart Howitzer Automated Management System
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Would you prefer to be a sham - that one could forget?
His purpose in employing, in the denunciation of shams and insincerities, a form itself so far removed from directness and simplicity was in part, evidently, to shock people into attention; but after all, the style expresses appropriately his genuine sense of the incoherence and irony of life, his belief that truth can be attained only by agonizing effort, and his contempt for intellectual and spiritual commonplaceness.
Look at this outrage; a case specially difficult to trace inasmuch as it was a sham.
Your master never taught you a truer thing," said John; "there is no religion without love, and people may talk as much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man and beast it is all a sham -- all a sham, James, and it won't stand when things come to be turned inside out.
And he and they liked me, and respected my office; but as an animal, without birth or sham title, they looked down upon me -- and were not par- ticularly private about it, either.
I confess that we were so unpopular with the outrageous mob, that I only got away from England at the risk of being ducked to death, and that Cly was so ferreted up and down, that he never would have got away at all but for that sham.
Thou art indeed the greatest glutton in the world, Sancho," said Don Quixote, "and the greatest booby on earth, not to be able to see that this courier is enchanted and this Tosilos a sham one; stop with him and take thy fill; I will go on slowly and wait for thee to come up with me.
Away across the road the woods beyond Ham and Peter- sham were still afire.
Departure for the rendezvous A war party of Blackfeet A mock bustle Sham fires at night Warlike precautions Dangers of a night attack A panic among horses Cautious march The Beer Springs A mock carousel Skirmishing with buffaloes A buffalo bait Arrival at the rendezvous Meeting of various bands
There is no comparison between the cases," rejoined Frances; " mine was a sham fight.
For example: -- very early in the morning I had to make up my packet of sham letters.
The sham chaplain came into our cells to exhort us, carrying a black bag, supposed to be full of tracts, and so often did he come that by the third day we had each stowed away at the foot of our beds a file, a brace of pistols, a pound of powder, and twenty slugs.